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Flavius Dagalaiphus (fl. 461–475) was a politician of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Son of Areobindus (consul in 434), Dagalaiphus married Godisthea, the daughter of Ardabur (consul in 447) and granddaughter of Aspar (consul in 434 and colleague of Areobindus). They had a son, the consul of 506, Areobindus Dagalaiphus Areobindus, who married the daughter of the Western Roman Emperor Olybrius.

In 461 he was consul in the East. During the reign of Basiliscus (475-476), Dagalaiphus, attested by sources as Patricius, received in his home in Constantinople Daniel the Stylite, to allow him to rest during a demonstration against the Emperor.


Preceded by
Flavius Magnus,
Flavius Apollonius
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Flavius Severinus
Succeeded by
Libius Severus Augustus,
Imp. Caesar Flavius Valerius Leo Augustus II