Dagar the Invincible

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Dagar the Invincible
Publication information
Publisher Western Publishing
Format Ongoing series
Publication date October 1972 - December 1976, April 1982
No. of issues 19
Creative team
Written by Donald F. Glut
Artist(s) Jesse Santos
Collected editions
Dagar the Invincible Archives, Vol. 1 ISBN 1595828184

Tales of Sword and Sorcery Featuring Dagar the Invincible is a comic book series created by writer Donald F. Glut and artist Jesse Santos for Western Publishing's Gold Key Comics line.[1]

Publication history[edit]

The first issue had the cover date of October 1972. The series was published on a quarterly schedule and only 18 issues were produced. The final issue appeared with a cover date of December 1976 and reprinted the first issue. Later on, a new story appeared in Gold Key Spotlight #6, in July 1977. Whitman would later publish a reprint issue, #19, in April, 1982.

In fall of 2011, Dark Horse Comics started a hardcover archive reprint series.[2] The first volume reprinted #1-9.[2]

Series history[edit]

Dagar was a sword and sorcery series, set in a mythical past of warriors and wizards. There were a few secondary characters (Durak in #7, 12, 13; Torgus in #9, 10, 13). Don Glut also tied in his other Gold Key characters such as Tragg and Doctor Spektor. In #5, Jarn, Tragg's Neanderthal brother appeared. Tragg cameoed in issue #11. In issue #13, the story actually crossed over into and was concluded in issue #15 of The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor.


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