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Coordinates: 46°56′N 27°11′E / 46.933°N 27.183°E / 46.933; 27.183

Dagâța is located in Romania
Coordinates: 46°56′N 27°11′E / 46.933°N 27.183°E / 46.933; 27.183
Country Romania
CountyIași County
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Dagâța is a commune in Iași County, Romania. It is composed of eight villages: Bălușești, Boatca, Buzdug, Dagâța, Mănăstirea, Piscu Rusului, Poienile, Tarnița and Zece Prăjini. The commune had 4809 people at the 2002 census; of these, 89.8% were ethnic Romanian and 10.2% were Roma. 98.9% of inhabitants were Romanian Orthodox.

Zece Prăjini ("Ten Fields"), population 400,[2] is the village from which the Roma brass band Fanfare Ciocărlia work.[3]


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