Dagens Nyheter Tower

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For the building in Japan, see DN Tower 21.
Dagens Nyheter Tower
DN-skrapan Stockholm 2005-11-06.jpg
The DN Tower in November 2005
General information
Address Rålambsvägen 17
Town or city Stockholm
Country Sweden
Coordinates 59°19′41″N 18°00′58″E / 59.32806°N 18.01611°E / 59.32806; 18.01611

The Dagens Nyheter Tower, called DN-Skrapan (DN-Skyscraper) in Sweden, is an office building in the Kungsholmen district of Stockholm, Sweden. It is eighty four metres (276 ft.) tall and has 27 floors, none of which are underground. It was completed in 1964 and was designed by architect Paul Hedqvist.

It originally was home to Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's largest daily newspaper however in the 1990s, the newspaper moved its offices to a smaller building located in the same complex. The newspaper Expressen is also located in that building. Today, the major building is used by different companies.

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59°19′40″N 18°1′4″E / 59.32778°N 18.01778°E / 59.32778; 18.01778