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Dagmar Calais ( 1966 in Bremen) is a German painter and installation artist


Dagmar Calais, after attending a technical secondary school, received her artistic training from the painter Professor Hans-Hendrik Grimmling in Berlin, and in Bremen from art historian Chris Steinbrecher, to whom she also is married. She is co-founder of the OGO-Kuenstlerhaus in Bremen.


As a painter Dagmar Calais is multifaceted. In her figurative orientated expressive and colour saturated paintings she dedicated besides representations of landscapes mainly themes from the Antique, Mythology and the Old Testament, but also from recent German history. A further focal point of her creativity is in the concept and execution of large scale installations. Themes displayed are the division of Germany and the crimes committed against Jews, for memorials and museums, like Gedenkstaette Deutsche Teilung Marienborn, Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaustmuseum, Grenzlandmuseum Eichsfeld and town hall of Bremen.

Publications (Selection)[edit]

  • Magazin "Vital" 4/99, Regine Schneider: "Dagmar Calais, Malerin"
  • Magazin "Der Stern" 15/2000, Kuno Kruse: "Ein Bild von einer Frau"
  • Xzeit-Magazin 8/2001, Alexander Musik: "Die Leute brauchen etwas Heiliges"
  • Bremen-Theresienstadt-Riga. 3000 Fates, 2015. book for the exhibition of Chris Steinbrecher

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