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Dagoretti is an area in the western part of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Administratively it is one of eight divisions of Nairobi. The Dagoretti division is divided into six Locations. The electoral Dagoretti Constituency has the same boundaries as Dagoretti division.


Location Population*
Kawangware 86,824
Kenyatta/Golf course 30,253
Mutuini 14,521
Riruta 65,958
Uthiru/Ruthimitu 23,016
Waithaka 19,937
Total 240,081
1999 census.[1]


The Main form of Transport is by road, small buses (matatus) and buses (Kenya Bus Service, Ciy Hoppa, City Shuttle and Connection Bus) offer short distance trips to the City Centre.

The Dagoretti railway station is on the main line of the national railway system.

Economic activities[edit]

The main form of income is in industrial labor, construction, household chores, small scale trading on groceries, and careers in carpentry, masonry and tailoring.also middle class population working in nearby schools,hospitals and other government institutions.

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Coordinates: 01°18′00″S 36°46′00″E / 1.30000°S 36.76667°E / -1.30000; 36.76667