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A branch of Dah Sing Bank

Dah Sing Banking Group Limited (Chinese: 大新銀行) (SEHK2356) is a bank based in Hong Kong with around 70 branches in Hong Kong, Macau and China. It was established in 1947. Affiliates include MEVAS Bank, Banco Comercial de Macau and Dah Sing Bank (China) Limited.

The bank is the major subsidiary of Dah Sing Group.

A majority share in Dah Sing Banking Group is the major asset of Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited, which undertakes insurance business and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1987, and which is in turn held by the Dah Sing Group.[1]

An early major shareholder in Dah Sing was Hsu Ta Tung.

In 1986 Dah Sing Bank acquired Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Bank Limited and Wing On Bank Limited and locally incorporated in mainland China in August 2008. The bank also has a 20 percent interest in Bank of Chongqing, which has around 80 branches in and around the city of Chongqing.[1]

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