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Old build of municipality Dahban. The like famous built to Dahban also there park front building .

Dahban or Dahaban (Arabic: دهبان‎) is an ancient village on the coast of Saudi Arabia (Red Sea). It is in Makkah Province, a few kilometers north of Jeddah. For a long time it has been a fishing center until Durrat Al-Arus opened in 1996 which made it also a tourism village. Dahaban lies on the main highway running along the west coast of Saudi Arabia between Jeddah and Rabigh. Dahaban has now turned into a picnic spot for families to visit fresh fish restaurants and in 2015, first marine park was inaugurated which attracted many visitors.[1]


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Coordinates: 21°56′N 39°07′E / 21.933°N 39.117°E / 21.933; 39.117