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Country  Pakistan
Province Sindh
District Ghotki District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Union councils 1

Daharki (Urdu: ڈھرکی‎) is a city of Ghotki District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is the capital of Daharki Taluka - an administrative subdivision of the district.[1] It is situated about 100 km from Sukkur, and between Mirpur Mathelo and Ubaro.

This is a small city like town in province of Sindh in Pakistan. Daharki is a business centre with numerous industries, particularly cotton factories, a fertilizer plant Engro FertiliZer Ltd, oil and gas exploration companies Mari Gas Co and Tullo Oil Pakistan Ltd, power plants Star Power Co, Fauji Power Plant and Liberty Power Plant. There are several religious places in the city, including: Bhurchundi Sharif, Chalan Faqeer, Pir Aziz Karmani (near Ubaro), Pir Pakhroi Laal, Soi Shareef, Pir Gulab Shah Bukhari and famous Hindu spiritual Darbar at Raharki.[2]


Daharki is a business centre with numerous industries, particularly cotton factories, a fertilizer plant Engro Fertilizer Ltd, oil and gas exploration companies Mari Gas Co and Tullow Oil Pakistan Ltd, power plants Star power co, Fauji Power Plant and Liberty Power Plant. ENGRO Fertilizers Ltd recently build a new fertilizer plant here which is the world's largest ammonia/urea plant in the world, as well as a prill tower about 125 meters high which is the world's highest tower of its kind in 2009.[2][3]


The Daharki is predominantly Muslim, with a small Hindu minority. The Dargah-e-Aliya Bharchundi Sharif is a popular Muslim site in the city.

Dargah Bharchundi Sharif[edit]

The Dargah-e-Aliya Bharchundi Sharif (Urdu: درگاہ بھرچونڈی شریف‎) is located at the distance of three kilometres from Daharki. It is a major Sufi Al-Qadri spiritual center. The tomb of saint and scholar Hazrat Hafiz Muhammad Siddiq is located at the Dargah. Many of his students contributed in Pakistan Movement like Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi.

The current Pir of Bharchundi Dargah is Mian Abdul Khaliq the son of late Pir Mian Abdul. HALEEM.

Current Pir is also a participent of sindh assembly Ps( 7 ) got more than 40000 votes.

The Sant Satram Das Temple[edit]

A temple of SACHO SATRAM is one of the biggest Temple in Pakistan , located in Raharki just 5km away from Daharki Devotes from All over the Pakistan & other countries is coming here to visit all the year

Gurduwara Baba Nanik Shah Daharki[edit]

A gurdwara for Sikhs located at a little distance from Imam Bargah Daharki.


  • 1. Twinkle Little Star Public School, Gulab Shah Colony Daharki
  • 2.Safa Grammar School Daharki
  • 3.Oxford English Grammar High School Daharki
  • 4.Shahlatif Model High School Daharki
  • 5.The Educator Campus Daharki
  • 6.Cambridge Puclic School Daharki
  • 7.Kids Garden Public School
  • 8.Engro Model School
  • 9.Pakistan Foundation public High School Daharki
  • 10.Madina Public Model High School Daharki
  • 11.Sindh Public School Daharki
  • 12. Laat Human Development Daharki School
  • 13. The Smart School Campus Daharki
  • 14.New Kids Garden Public High school Daharki
  • 15. The Scholar Grammar School Daharki
  • 16.New Roshan Tara Model High School Daharki.(A school organised by Sir Abdul Majeed Kanjoo, ASK & TMS for the welfare of people of daharki.
  • 17. Fatima Public School Daharki.
  • 18. British Grammar School Daharki.
  • 19. Government P High School Daharki.
  • 20. Government Single section High School Daharki.
  • 21. Government Main Primary school Daharki.
  • 22. Engro Grammar School
  • 23. Engro Daharki College
  • 24. The Muslim Generation School (Chachar Muhla Daharki)

Engro Fertilizers[edit]

Engro Fertilizer Plant is situated 2 kilometers in south region of Daharki city. Engro produces Engro Urea, Engro DAP, Engro NP, Engro Zarkhez, Zingro, Zorawar and Engro Envy. Engro Fertilizers is the largest urea producer in Pakistan.[4]


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Coordinates: 28°03′01″N 69°41′53″E / 28.05028°N 69.69806°E / 28.05028; 69.69806