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Dahe Daily
Available in Chinese
Headquarters Zhengzhou
Commercial Yes

Dahe Daily (Chinese: 大河报) is the No.1 newspaper market brand in Henan province, moreover, as a result, has entered one of the one hundred World’s most distinguished journals, ranking fourth on comprehensive competitiveness of China's newspaper.[citation needed]


Dahe Daily was established on August 1, 1995 by the Henan Daily Newspaper Group. As a comprehensive newspaper reflecting daily city life, it aims to "concerning about the people's livelihood, promoting fashion, getting close to life, and serving the public".


Dahe Daily is published 80 editions in the form of quarto color printing, thereinto 64 editions are designed for national version, and meanwhile 16 editions are emitted for Zhengzhou city, the provincial capital of Henan province. There is a circulation of 1,000,000 copies in China per day; thereinto 400,000 copies are issued in Zhengzhou city. As a crucial channel of advertising, Dahe Daily brings in 430 million RMB.[1]


National Edition: Based on Henan province, paying close attention to domestic and international major events about society, economy, politics, military affairs, culture and sports news, promoting justice and criticizing global affairs

Zhengzhou City Edition: Focusing on the provincial capital, reporting news that are close to people, making tracks for hot topics, concerning about the people’s livelihood, advocating fashion consumption.


In recent years, Dahe Daily is not limited to simply follow a comprehensive metropolitan line, except for Dahe Daily, the Dahe Fortune, Dahe Digest and Dahe Health are established and published as its sub-presses.

Dahe Fortune is a sort of Financial Weekly (Newspapers for Sunday, issued on Friday) issued by the Dahe Daily. It focuses on financial tendencies, making perspective on economic situation, commenting on success or failure of business cases, keeping eyes on entrepreneur groups, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit. With the feature of informative, readable, and high reading rate, Dahe Daily has covered Henan Province intensively.

Dahe Health focuses on the health care of people and the current medical affairs. It Contains “medical information”, “health in life”, “healthy diet” and other parts that are relevant to regimen. It publishes on every Tuesday.

Dahe Digest (issues on Thursday) is a collection of news, fictions, current affairs and jokes that are chosen from other newspapers and magazines. It caters to people from different social stratifications.


The number of readers of Dahe Daily has reached 130 million. Distributing at the whole Henan province and the cities in other provinces, all readers can buy Dahe Daily expediently because of the setting of more than 300 distribution sites and the sophisticated team of over 6000 delivery boys.[2] Dahe Daily not only issues in counties in Henan province, but also radiates information to other cities and countries out of Henan. In Zhengzhou, there is a copy of Dahe Daily in every six people, (5 jiao per copy) which ranks first in congener newspaper coverage density in Henan Province. Now Dahe Daily gives an increasingly important influence on cities and countries in other provinces. Dahe Daily has become a symbol of Henan newspaper and the prime print media for foreign enterprises showing their corporate images and expanding the future market.


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