Dahei Mountain

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Dahei Mountain
大黑山 • Dàhēi Shān
Dahei Mountain 1, Dalian, China.jpg
Dahei Mountain, viewed from its South Ridge
Highest point
Elevation 663 m (2,175 ft)
Listing Highest in Dalian's 6 Districts
Parent range Qianshan Mountains

Dahei Mountain (Chinese: 大黑山; pinyin: Dàhēi Shān) is located in Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province in China. It is 663 metres high above sea level and belongs to the Qianshan Mountains, named after Qian Mountain in Anshan, that extends themselves from the Changbai Mountains.[1]

It is the highest mountain in the southern Liaodong Peninsula.


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Coordinates: 39°06′14″N 121°46′52″E / 39.10389°N 121.78111°E / 39.10389; 121.78111