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Founded 1863
Headquarters Marseille
Subsidiaries SOCATA
Website www.daher.com

Daher, or DAHER, is a French industrial conglomerate. Daher works in the aerospace, defence, nuclear, and automotive industrial sectors in the fields of manufacturing, services and transport.


The company was established in Marseille, France in 1863 by Alphonse Barban. The company was subsequently acquired by Paul Daher.

On 27 June 2008, EADS announced its intention to sell a controlling interest in EADS Socata to Daher.[1] On 3 November 2008, EADS and DAHER announced that they had reached an agreement for DAHER to acquire a 70% share of Socata.[2] On 7 January 2009, DAHER confirmed its acquisition of a majority 70% stake in SOCATA.[3]

In 2007, Daher acquired the Germany nuclear company Nuclear Cargo + Services (NCS), based in Hanau Germany. This marked Daher's first major push into the nuclear sector.[4] Subsequently, the U.S. Company, Transport Logistics International, Inc. became part of the Daher group on January 1, 2010 [5]


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