Dahomeyan parliamentary election, 1964

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Parliamentary elections were held in the Republic of Dahomey on 19 January 1964. They followed a coup in October 1963 and a subsequent constitutional referendum on 5 January 1964.[1] The Dahomeyan Democratic Party (PDD) was the only party to contest the elections, and won all 42 seats in the National Assembly.[2] Elections were held in the context of which took place on 28 October.

The leader of the winning party would automatically become president. As head of the PDD list, Sourou-Migan Apithy was elected who previously served as one of ministers in the post-coup transitional government of Christophe Soglo.[3][1] Justin Ahomadégbé-Tomêtin was elected as deputy president of the republic and prime minister.[1] He formed a new government on 25 January.[1]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Dahomeyan Democratic Party 995,929 100 42 New
Total 995,929 100 42 –18
Registered voters/turnout 1,055,910
Source: Nohlen et al.


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