Dohuk Governorate

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Dohuk Governorate
محافظة دهوك
پارێزگای دھۆک

Dohuk Province
Collage of Dohuk Governorate.jpg
Location of Dohuk Governorate
Coordinates: 37°3′N 43°9′E / 37.050°N 43.150°E / 37.050; 43.150Coordinates: 37°3′N 43°9′E / 37.050°N 43.150°E / 37.050; 43.150
Country  Iraq
Capital Dohuk
 • Total 10,955.91 km2 (4,230.10 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Total 1,423,114
Dohuk Governorate within Kurdistan Region[2]
Districts of the Dohuk Governorate[3]

Dohuk Governorate (Kurdish: پارێزگای دھۆک‎, Arabic: محافظة دهوك‎‎ Muḥāfaẓat Dahūk) is a governorate in Iraq. Its capital is the city of Dohuk. It also includes the city of Zakho, which has at various times served as a checkpoint for the border with Turkey. Prior to 1976 it was part of Nineveh Governorate, which was called Mosul Governorate. Dohuk Governorate is mainly inhabited by Kurds and Assyrians in addition to a small amount of Yazidis and Armenians.



Dohuk Governorate is divided into seven districts, four of which are officially part of Kurdistan Region, while three others are under de facto control of the Kurdistan Regional Government:


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