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Dai Burger
Born Queens, New York, United States
Occupation(s) Rapper
Associated acts Junglepussy, Darq E Freaker
Website www.daiburgerworld.com

Dai Burger (born February 13) (/deɪ/) [1] is an American rapper. She is from Queens, New York.


Burger's performing career began while working as a backup dancer on tour with Lil Mama.[2] Since that time she has appeared in several music videos, including Beyoncé's "Party",[3] and has worked as a stylist for designer Patricia Field's clothing boutique.[4]

Burger launched her music career with her 2010 project MyMixxxytape, hosted by rapper Junglepussy. She explains that her stage name came "out of nowhere, but I like to think that I'm stacked, and juicy."[5] In 2011 Burger released her second compilation Raw Burger featuring Junglepussy on the track "Titty Attack".[6]

"In Ya' Mouf" was released via Complex Magazine in January 2014. Featuring production by Shane Augustus and Mighty Mark the mixtape was well received because of Burger's clever lyricism and confident representation of girl power.[7][8] The video for the single "Soufflé" premiered in Interview Magazine[9] and was picked as one of the best feminist music videos of 2013.[10] The release was featured on Solange Knowles' Saint-Heron[11] and contributed to Burger being named "Artist To Watch" by Rolling Stone Magazine in April 2014.[6]

Gearing up for her next project, Burger collaborated with London-based producer Darq E Freaker on the track "Choppin Necks".[12] "Choppin Necks" was hailed by critics as a futuristic dark song, in all the right ways. Burger delivered "jaw-dropping bars", according to James Keith from Complex.[13]

On December 4, 2015, Dai Burger premiered her 5-track self-titled project "Dai Burger" exclusively with Dazed Magazine.[14]

Beyond her musical releases, Burger performed at the first ever "Sound & Style" event in New York, hosted by Boss Lady and Reebok[15] and was as an opening act for Lil Wayne and 2 chainz in Long Beach, NY in the summer of 2014. To date she has collaborated with artists including Kool Keith, Cakes da Killa, Cazwell and Jonte' Moaning.[16][17]

Her debut studio album, titled Soft Serve, was released on August 24, 2017.[18]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Soft Serve (2017)


  • Mymixxxytape (2010)
  • Raw Burger (2011)
  • In Ya' Mouf (2014)

Extended plays[edit]

  • Dai Burger (2015)


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