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Daizangi (or Dhaizangi) is one of the major tribes of the Hazaras of Hazarajat in central Afghanistan. They inhabit the Bamyan, Yakawlang, Panjab and Waras districts of Bamyan Province, the Shahristan in Daikundi Province, Lal Wa Sarjangal District in Ghor Province and the Gizab District in Uruzgan Province. They are said (in the absence of any reliable statistics) to be the largest tribe of the Hazaras. The 19th-century Hazara Mir Elkhani,Mir Naser Baig, Mir (Chieftain) Mir Azeem Beg was the mir of the Daizangi who led the final battle of the Hazaras against the Afghan Amir (Abdur Rahman Khan) in the battle of Urozgan. Most Notable person from the Daizangi tribe is Gen Khudadad Khan.Their subtribes include the Bubali, Gedi, Kamyaba, Kut-daghi, Khushamadi, Kirigu, Miramur, Qaraqul Daghi, Sag Deh, Sag Jui, Sag-Pae, Sehpai, Takana, Takash, Urarus, and Yangur.[1]

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