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Coordinates: 35°1′50.26″N 139°50′29.50″E / 35.0306278°N 139.8415278°E / 35.0306278; 139.8415278

Daifukuji (Tateyama).JPG
Kannon Hall (観音堂, kannondō) of Daifuku-ji
Basic information
Location 835 Funakata Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture
Affiliation Chizen Sect of Shingon Buddhism
Deity Eleven-Faced Kannon
Country Japan
Completed 717

Daifuku-ji (大福寺) is a Buddhist temple in the city of Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture, and is a temple of the Chizen Sect of Shingon Buddhism. According to tradition, the temple was founded by Gyōki (668 - 749) in 717 early in the Nara period. It was later revived by a visit by the Tendai Buddhist priest Ennin (794 - 864) early in the Heian period. The date at which the temple returned to the Shingon sect is unknown. The temple received a juinjō (朱印状) seal of certification from the Tokugawa shogunate during the Edo period.


The temple is well known for its Kannon Hall (観音堂, kannondō) hall dedicated to the Goddess Kannon, which is situated on a sheer cliff of the boat-shaped Mount Funakata. For this reason the Kannon-dō is also known as the Cliff Kannon-dō Gake no Kannon-dō (崖の観音). In the rear of the hall is a 1.5 meter tall statue of the Goddess Kannon. The Kannon-dō is designated as a Tangible Cultural Property by Tateyama City.


Daifuku-ji is located in the Funakata District of Tateyama. It is accessible by foot from Nakofunakata Station, JR East Uchibō Line.