Daihatsu P5

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Daihatsu P5
Constructor Daihatsu
Predecessor Daihatsu P3
Technical specifications
Engine 1,298 cc (79.2 cu in) I4 naturally-aspirated rear engined
Competition history
Debut 1967 Japanese Grand Prix
Races Wins
? 1 (class)

The Daihatsu P5 was a sports racing car built by Daihatsu in 1967. It was an evolution of the Daihatsu P3, and featured a 1.3-litre straight-four engine capable of producing around about 140 hp.


The Daihatsu P5 was an updated version of the P3, but featured a bigger 1.3-litre straight-four engine, fitted in the rear of the car. The engine had double overhead camshafts and two carburettors, and was capable of producing up to 140 hp (104.4 kW; 141.9 PS).[1] Two P5s were entered in the Japanese Grand Prix in 1967.[2] It was entered in the 1000 km of Suzuka in 1968, finishing third.[1] It was then run in the Japanese Grand Prix again, which was held at Fuji Speedway; the No.15 car won its class, and finished tenth overall.[3] Toyota bought Daihatsu in 1969, but the car was used one last time; it finished second in the 1000 km of Suzuka that year.[1]


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