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Type of site
Internet Gossip Entertainment
Owner News Corporation
Website http://www.dailyfill.com
Launched December 2008
Current status Active

DailyFill is a celebrity news and gossip destination[1] owned by News Corp and created by their incubator[2] Slingshot Labs. The site launched in December 2008,[3] less than one year after the New York Post's (also owned by News Corp) Page Six shut down their own attempt at a celebrity news site.[4] Drawing immediate comparisons to Yahoo’s OMG for its text-light, photo-heavy layout, DailyFill was Twittered by Los Angeles TV and online media princess Shira Lazar[5][6] and has received heavy ad exposure on the Myspace homepage.

In 2010, DailyFill became its own entity. It continues to provide snarky coverage of the entertainment world from a sarcastic perspective. The website is also the creative force behind the comedy web series Ladies With Lists which features TV hosts Erin Ashley Darling and Haely White.


Santa Monica, where Slingshot Labs is headquartered, at sunset.

DailyFill aggregates content from numerous partner gossip sites.


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