Daily Hilal Pakistan

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هلال پاڪستان
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Founded 1946
Headquarters Karachi, Pakistan Pakistan
Website www.dailyhilal.com.pk

Hilal Pakistan (Sindhi: روزانه هلال پاڪستان‎) is a Sindhi daily newspaper in Pakistan.


The Daily Hilal is a newspaper published in Karachi, Pakistan. It is published in the Sindhi language, which is the third most spoken tongue in Pakistan, and the official language of the province of Sindh, home to the city and the paper. The Daily Hilal started publishing in 1946, making it the oldest running newspaper of Pakistan.

The newspaper is one of 11 dailies published in the Sindhi language in Karachi. It is a member of the APNS, the Associated Press News Service, which is a source of news, feature, interview and columnist material. Pakistan has a free press; however, there is significant pressure on reporters and editors from political and religious factions toward self-censorship.

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