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Not to be confused with The Daily Nation (Barbados).
Daily Nation
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner(s) Nation Media Group
Founder(s) Charles Hayes
Founded 1958 as Taifa
Language English
Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya
Circulation 1,700,000
Sister newspapers Sunday Nation
Website www.nation.co.ke

The Daily Nation is a Kenyan independent newspaper. It is the most sold daily in Kenya, with a circulation of around 1,700,000 copies.[1][2][3]


Nation Center, headquarters of the Nation Media Group who publish the Daily Nation.

The Daily Nation was started in 1958 as a Swahili weekly called Taifa by the Englishman Charles Hayes. It was bought in 1959 by the Aga Khan, and became a daily newspaper, Taifa leo (Swahili for "Nation today"), in January 1960. An English language edition called Daily Nation was published on 3 October 1960, in a process organised by former editor of the British News Chronicle, Michael Curtis.[citation needed] The publisher was East African Newspapers (Nation Series) Ltd, which later became the Nation Media Group with operations throughout the African Great Lakes region.[citation needed]

The newspaper is published by Nation Media Group from its headquarters at Nation Centre, on Kimathi Street in Nairobi. It also maintains a website, which hosts online editions of the daily and Sunday titles. Access is free and the site's daily hit rate is more than three million.[citation needed] A 55-minute colour documentary film about the paper was released in 2000, directed by Hillie Molenaar and Joop van Wijk.[citation needed]

Market share[edit]

The Daily Nation and its sister paper Sunday Nation had a market share of 53% in 2011.[4][5] Their market share was 74% in 2013.[6] Their main competitor is The Standard, published by the Standard Group.[3]

Affiliated newspapers[edit]


  • DN2
  • Sports magazine
  • Saturday magazine
  • Smart Company
  • Living
  • Money
  • Lifestyle
  • Buzz
  • Zuqka
  • Seeds of Gold


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