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The Daily Press (Traditional Chinese: 每日雜報, also 孖剌報, 孖剌西報 and 孖剌沙西報) was an English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, published from 1857 for about 80 years. Founded and edited by George M Ryder, it was the first daily newspaper in Hong Kong.[1] In 1858, Yorick Jones Murrow, a tenacious Welshman born in 1817, took over the newspaper and he inaugurated the Chinese-language paper Hongkong Chinese and Foreign News (香港中外新報)[2], published three times per week.[3]:47 Murrow led the paper on fearless attacks on the Colonial administration, leading ultimately to his imprisonment on a charge of libel.[4]:8 He relinquished his role as editor in 1867 but remained its proprietor till his death in 1884.[3]:148-9

It operated in a building at the junction of Wyndham Street and Glenealy, Central District, for some years, but had left no later than 1911, when the building was converted to the Wyndham Hotel.[5]

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