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Daily Word
Categories Unity World Headquarters
Frequency Bi-monthly
Circulation 400,000
Publisher Unity World Headquarters
First issue  1924 (1924-month)
Country United States
Based in Unity Village
Language English
Website www.dailyword.com
ISSN 0011-5525
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New Thought

The Daily Word is a daily inspirational message provided by Unity. Themes include inner peace, hope, healing, guidance, and others. It is distributed via print magazine, website, e-mail and through a mobile app.[1][2]


Daily Word magazine has been continuously printed since 1924.[1][3] In the early years, most of the messages were written by its first editor, Frank B. Whitney.

Daily Word in Braille began in 1934, and is available for free to the blind through Message of Hope.[4] Daily Word in Spanish, La Palabra Diaria, was first published in March 1955.[5] Daily Word in Large Type was introduced in 1978.

Among Daily Word's former editors are Colleen Zuck[6] and Martha Smock.[7] The magazine has featured articles contributed by many prominent thinkers, including Wayne Dyer, Naomi Judd, Mark Victor Hansen, Wally Amos, June Allyson, and Thomas Moore. Cartoonist Bill Keane has also contributed.[8][9]

Notable readers[edit]

Oprah Winfrey says she starts each day reading Daily Word.[10] Denzel Washington is also a reader of Daily Word.[11]


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