Daimajū Gekitō: Hagane no Oni

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Daimajū Gekitō: Hagane no Oni
Daimajuu Gekitou Hagane no Oni VHS Cover Art.jpg
Home release media cover art for the Japanese OVA film Daimajū Gekitō: Hagane no Oni
大魔獣激闘 鋼の鬼
Genre Suspense, Mecha
Original video animation
Directed by Toshihiro Hirano
Written by Noboru Aikawa
Studio AIC, Tokuma Japan Communications
Released December 10, 1987
Runtime 60 minutes
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Daimajū Gekitō: Hagane no Oni (大魔獣激闘 鋼の鬼?, lit. Steel Devil) is a 1987 Japanese original video animation. Directed by Toshihiro Hirano, with screenplay by Noboru Aikawa, mechanical design by Koichi Ohata and animation direction by Masami Obari. The plot is that of Takuya who visits a research center to meet an old friend, and their mutual connection with an experiment three years ago.


Takuya and Haruka are manning a submersible during an experiment on a new laser weapon. After firing the laser from a satellite, a stranger creature appears. They are ordered to take a sample. Three years later, Takuya gets a letter from Haruka to visit him at a research center. Haruka says that nothing is wrong and that he sent no letter. Rui, a girl who works at the center says that Haruka has been acting very strange lately, and isolates himself in the lab for weeks. Later, a radar center is completely destroyed by another mysterious creature.

Takuya, attempts to figure out the mystery. He breaks into the director's lab with the help of a friend and examines files relating to Haruka's research. In the files, Haruka discusses how the laser likely opens a portal to another dimension. The military then storms the base and takes it over. Haruka calls Takuya to meet him. There he explains that he created a dimensional transfer canon, which summoned another demonic creature, which fused with the canon. Soldiers then arrive to arrest Haruka, but Haruka fuses with the giant demonic creature. He then destroys most of the research center. During the escape, Rui is killed.

In an attempt to control the situation, the center's director orders the military to fire the laser canon on the island. It fails to destroy the creature. Takuya then pilots another giant demonic creature and does battle with Haruka's creature. He destroys Haruka's creature. The force of its destruction destroys most of the island. The OVA ends with Takuya awakening on debris floating in water.

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it was released by AIC in Japan on December 10, 1987.


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