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Jwhwlao Daimalu (Bodo: दोईमालु sometimes spelled Dwimalu) is perceived to be a hero of the ancient golden period of the Bodos. Today, he is imprinted as the cause of the Bodo people's tragedy because it is believed that he had cursed the Bodos after he was betrayed by his clans. A statue of Jwhwlao Daimalu carrying his bow and arrows can be seen pointing his hand to the sky near the national highway of India in the Kharigaon village of Kokrajhar district.

Jwhwlao Daimalu


Jwhwlao Daimalu was a senior official during the reign of King Iragdao. It is said that the brave Daimalu along with his troops had defeated the King of Burma and had brought white elephants as souvenirs of victory.

The Curse[edit]

As an article of faith, God had appeared in Daimalu's dream. The God offered Jwhwlao supernatural powers by asking him to draw a finger out of five. Out of greed, Jwhwlao had grabbed all the five fingers. Consequently, Daimalu got all the powers equipped to the five fingers but at the same time he was cursed to be betrayed by his kins. Daimalu had become very powerful as time passed on. The colleagues of Daimalu became jealous of his bravery and power: he could fight and defeat two elephants at the same time. So, the colleagues somehow made the king go against Daimalu and Jwhwlao was put to prison. But no one could kill him because of the blessings of God. Then the officials brought Daimalu's stepmother to meet him and they somehow managed to turn her against him. She was able to find out that Daimalu could be killed only if they poured molten lead ("sheha" in Bodo) into his ears. In this way, the officials were able to assassinate Daimalu. But just before his death, Daimalu had cursed the Bodo community that they would never prosper!

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