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Dainese SpA
Industry Motorsport clothing
Extreme sports clothing
Founded 1972
Founder Lino Dainese
Headquarters Molvena, Italy
Key people
  • Lino Dainese
  • Cristiano Silei
  • Federico Minoli
Revenue Sports protective gear and clothing
Subsidiaries AGV helmets
Website www.dainese.com

Dainese (pronounced dye-ee-neh-zeh; Italian: [daiˈneze]) is an Italian manufacturer of protective gear and clothing for sports, including motorcycling, mountain biking, winter sports and horseriding. The company was founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese, now a minority stakeholder in the company.[1] Since 2007 Dainese has owned AGV (2007)[2]. Investcorp acquired a majority shareholding in the Dainese Group in 2014.[3]


Dainese Group helmets are branded as AGV, and suits, jackets, shock-absorbing armor and back protectors, pants, boots, gloves and accessories are Dainese brand. These products are made with materials including traditional cowhide and kangaroo skin to aramid, carbon fiber and titanium, and are sold off-the-rack, made-to-measure, or custom made.[4]. In 2017 Dainese added the motorcycling fashion clothing brand Settantadue ("seventy-two" in Italian).[5][6][7]


Lino Dainese

Lino Dainese started the company in 1972 when he was 20, making protective motorcycle apparel in Molvena (Vicenza).[8] The first article of clothing was a pair of motocross pants.[9] The company has been closely associated with motorcycle racing since its foundation, which has informed its product development, focused on safety, performance and ergonomics.[10]

The company acquired the Italian helmet manufacturer AGV in July 2007.[11]

The Dainese Group was acquired by Investcorp of Bahrain for €130 million in 2014. Lino Dainese retains a minority holding and continues to guide the Group as President.[12]

The Group’s Headquarters are in Italy, as are its Research & Development and Design Centers. These are supported by a United States division, with offices in California, and an office in Hong Kong.[13]

Racing sponsorship[edit]

Dainese has sponsored racing from its earliest years. One of the first was 15-time World Champion Giacomo Agostini, who began racing in Dainese leathers in 1975.[14] Multiple World Championship winner Valentino Rossi is currently among the best-known racers to wear the brand colors.[15][16]



Winter sports[edit]


Former athletes[edit]



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