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Watermill and river at Daiō Wasabi Farm.
Wasabi Croquette (わさびコロッケ, Wasabi Korokke)

The Daiō Wasabi Farm (大王わさび農場, Daiō Wasabi Nōjō) is a wasabi farm established in 1915[1] and located in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture near the center of Honshū, the main island of Japan.[2] It is a popular tourist spot due to its beautiful watermills and for the river that runs through it.[2]

A restaurant offers wasabi-flavoured ice cream and other wasabi-themed products.[1]

Outside Japan, the site is best known for its appearance in the 1990 film Dreams by world-famous director Akira Kurosawa in the segment called "Village of the Watermills".[2]

Daiō is one of Japan's largest farms—and its largest wasabi farm—covering 15 hectares.[2][3]


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