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The five core Dairangers. From left to right: Qilin Ranger, Houou Ranger, Ryu Ranger, Tenma Ranger, and Shishi Ranger.

The Dairangers (ダイレンジャー Dairenjā?)[Note 1] are the protagonists of the 1993 Super Sentai series, Gosei Sentai Dairanger. They are a group of humans who use Qi[Note 2] powers to fight the Gorma Tribe. After their final battle, the Dairangers separated, with the last scene of the series showing them fifty years in the future in which their grandchildren follow the Dairangers' legacy and fight against the last remnants of the Gorma Tribe.

The Dairangers are humans practitioners of Chinese martial arts who possess high levels of Qi. The team announces their arrival at a battle scene by saying "Shining in the heavens are Five Stars!" (「天に輝け五つ星!」 "Ten ni kagayake itsutsu boshi!"?), followed by "Gosei Sentai Dairangers!" (「五星戦隊ダイレンジャー!」 "Gosei Sentai Dairenjā!"?). As a group, the five core Dairangers execute the Qi-Power Bomber (気力ボンバー Kiryoku Bonbā?) by gathering their Qi and firing it towards the enemy.


Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star (天火星・亮 Tenkasei Ryō?), the main protagonist of the series, the red warrior, is the son of Zhang Liao and a human woman. Initially, he was completely unaware of his Dai heritage as his mother died prior to the series' beginning leaving him to raise his younger sister, Yōko, by himself. He aspires to become the best gyoza cook in Japan and works in Yokohama Chinatown. Ryo became a Dairanger after he was captured by Baron String, only to be saved by Mythical Qi Beast Ryuseioh and taken to Master Kaku. Ryo deeply trusts his teammates. As Ryu Ranger (リュウレンジャー Ryū Renjā?), he specializes in the Dragon Fist style and utilizes the power of fire.

  • Attacks: Heavenly Fire Star Lightning Blaze Destruction (稲妻炎上破 Tenkasei Inazuma Enjōha?), Meteor Flash (流星閃光 Ryusei Senkō?)

Ryo is portrayed by Keiichi Wada (和田 圭市 Wada Keiichi?).


Daigo of the Heavenly Illusion Star (天幻星・大五 Tengensei Daigo?), the green warrior is the gentlest and most serious member of the team. He works at a pet shop and becomes romantically involved with Kujaku. Daigo was recruited as a Dairanger after Kaku discovered his Qi connection with Kujaku. As Shishi Ranger (シシレンジャー Shishi Renjā?), he specializes in the Hung Ga style and utilizes illusions in combat. His Mythical Qi Beast is Sei-Shishi.

  • Attacks: Heavenly Illusion Star Mist Hiding (霧隠れ Tengensei Kirigakure?), Lion Fist Empty Innocence (獅子拳無明無心 Shishiken Mumyō Mushin?)

Daigo is portrayed by Tatsuya Nōmi (能見 達也 Nōmi Tatsuya?).


Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star (天重星・将児 Tenjūsei Shōji?), the blue warrior, dreamed of becoming a world boxing champion after reforming from his past as a member of a violent street gang. He has a strong sense of fair play and competitiveness, only applicable with Kazu. He is strong, balanced, playful and loving. Boss Kamikaze, of the Three Gorma Stooges, sees him as his greatest rival. As Tenma Ranger (テンマレンジャー Tenma Renjā?), he specializes in the Long Fist style with the power to manipulate the gravitational forces around him, thus increasing his strength and speed. His Mythical Qi Beast is Sei-Tenma.

  • Attacks: Heavenly Gravity Star Gravity Inversion Destruction (重力逆転破 Tenjūsei Jūryoku Gyakutenha?), Tenma Revolving Kicks (天馬回転蹴り Tenma Kaiten Keri?), Tenma Highspeed Cyclone Kick (天馬高速回転蹴り Tenma Kōsoku Kaiten Keri?)

Shoji is portrayed by Ei Hamura (羽村 英 Hamura Ei?).


Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star (天時星・知 Tenjisei Kazu?), the yellow warrior, was a stylish beautician and dancer. He left home at the age of 15 and traveled to Tokyo. He had a tendency to go rushing into battle without thinking. He helped an old lady who sheltered him when he ran away from his home. As Qilin Ranger (キリンレンジャー Kirin Renjā?), he specializes in the Drunken Fist style and has the ability to freeze and reverse the flow of time to prevent mishaps. His Mythical Qi Beast is Sei-Qilin.

  • Attacks: Heavenly Time Star Time Reversal (時間返し Tenjisei Jikan Kaeshi?), Headbutt Drop (頭突き落とし Zutsuki Otoshi?), Qilin Bomb Punch (麒麟爆弾パンチ Kirin Bakudan Panchi?)

Kazu is portrayed by Keisuke Tsuchiya (土屋 圭輔 Tsuchiya Keisuke?).


Rin of the Heavenly Wind Star (天風星・リン Tenpūsei Rin?), the pink warrior is Master Kaku's niece and came to Japan to be a Dairanger in the guise of an exchange student from China. She is the only member of the team capable of Qi control when not transformed. She hates living with Kou, as he tends to look up her skirt and touch her breasts, but later befriends him. She once fell in love with photographer Shōichiro Takamura, the alter ego of Gorma agent Media Magician. As Houou Ranger (ホウオウレンジャー Hōō Renjā?), she specializes in the Eagle Fist style and utilizes the power of wind. Her Mythical Qi Beast is Sei-Houou.

  • Attacks: Heavenly Wind Star Straight Line Tornado (一文字竜巻 Tenpusei Ichimonji Tatsumaki?), Dairinken Whirlwind Slash (大輪剣旋風斬り Dairinken Senpū Kiri?), Straight Line Press (一文字プレス Ichimonji Puresu?)

Rin is portrayed by Natsuki Takahashi (高橋 夏樹 Takahashi Natsuki?).


Kiba Ranger and Byakkoshinken.

Kou of the Howling New Star (吼新星・コウ Koshinsei Kō?), the white warrior is a 10-year-old boy who is the "Child of Fate" (Unmei no ko) for drawing Byakkoshinken from his resting place, becoming the adult-like Kiba Ranger (キバレンジャー Kiba Renjā?). He lived with his adoptive grandparents prior to moving into Rin's apartment. A somewhat perverted boy, he is infatuated with Rin and "playfully" harasses her much to Rin's chagrin. New to fighting, he is not particularly strong.

Kou initially kept his identity a secret from the other Dairangers with Byakkoshinken speaking in his stead to appear more grown up. After the other Dairangers learned of his identity, he began to speak on his own and joined the team. Shadam eventually learned Kou was his son and Akomaru's twin brother, although Kou himself was never aware of this. As a result of this knowledge, Shadam tried to recruit Kou into the Gorma on his tenth birthday, but his mother's baptism purified him of his Gorma linage. As Kiba Ranger, Kou specializes in sound-based attacks and his Mythical Qi Beast is Won Tiger.

  • Attacks: Howling New Star Scattered Echo (乱れやまびこ Koshinsei Midare Yamabiko?), Fang Rush (牙突進 Gatotsushin?), White Tiger Flash (白虎一閃 Byakko Issen?)

Kou is portrayed by Hisashi Sakai (酒井 寿 Sakai Hisashi?).



Originally a member of Gorma, Chief of Staff Kaku (嘉挧参謀長 Kaku Sanbōchō?) formed the Dairangers to oppose Gorma; his human alias is Master Kaku (道士嘉挧 Dōshi Kaku?). But when Daijinryuu returned to Earth, Kaku returned to the Gorma in his metallic red Cyclops-like armor and fought Shadam for the right to the throne in order to become the 16th Gorma Emperor and end the fighting, using the Tower of You-Power and the Tower of Qi-Power as boosters. Once Gara and Zydos destroyed the towers, Kaku was defeated and mortally wounded in the battle against Shadam, and later died in the arms of the Dairangers. He later appeared in spirit form to the Dairangers and told them that Gorma must be thwarted rather than be destroyed.

Kaku is portrayed by Koji Naka (中康治 Naka Koji?).


Iron Face Chouryo (鉄面臂張遼 Tetsumenpi Chōryō?) was the previous Ryu Ranger who joined the Gorma and became immortal as a result. 20 years prior to the events in the series, he fell in love with a human who gave birth to his son Ryo and daughter Yuko. After Yuko was born, Chouryo was summoned back to the Gorma by his master, Archbishop Riji, to fight the Dairangers after the Triumvirate failed to do so, but stopped upon hearing his son is the new Ryu Ranger. Chouryo eventually saw the error of his ways and turned on his master. During the ensuing fight he received a fatal blow and collapsed. Dying in Ryo's arms, the four spirits of the other original Dairangers appeared to Chouryo to tell him they forgave him. He then passed on the knowledge of Dairen'oh to the new Dairangers before he died.


Kujaku (クジャク Kujaku, Peacock?) is a follower of Mahamayuri Vidyaraja, the Peacock Buddha, and a master of kenpo. A member of the Dai Tribe, she became the Peacock Buddha's follower to restore Gara by finding the Peacock's Tears, an ancient artifact said to heal whoever drinks from it. Gara joined the Gorma and through deception, trapped Kujaku in Mirror Make-Up Artist, causing Kujaku to swore revenge, resulting in her losing her compassion and love during her 6,000 years of imprisonment. Kujaku was freed by Daigo and attempted to murder Gara in revenge for her imprisonment until Daigo's perseverance and a little girl's kindness caused her to have a change of heart. Kujaku then resumed looking for the Peacock's Tears, realizing that she was dying from the Earth's pollutants and evil. Unfortunately, Kujaku realized that she would sicken and die even if she drank the Peacock's Tears, causing her to use the artifact to restore Gara's beauty instead. Kujaku then died with the real Gara at her side. Kujaku would later reappear in spirit form to restore Daigo's faith and plead with him not to take revenge.


Grandmaster Guhon (老道士虞翻 Rōdōshi Guhon?) is Rin's great grand-uncle and Jiaxu's mentor, who tends to be bizarre at times and often cracks his neck. Despite his appearance, Guhon was the inventor of the Aura Changers and later provided the Dairangers with their Big Wheel Blades and the Super Qi-Power Bazooka. Prior to the Kabuki Boy incident, Guhon entrusted his fiancé Xiao Qiao with Byakkoshinken which he placed within a stone until the rightful owner (Kou) could claim the weapon. Guhon later revealed to Kameo his true identity as Daimugen.

Guhon is portrayed by Takeshi Kuwabara (桑原 毅 Kuwabara Takeshi?).


Shokyo (小喬 Shōkyō?) is Guhon's 29-year-old fiancé, a Chinese Opera writer whom he entrusted with Byakkoshinken. Her profession caught the eye of Kabuki Boy, who abducted her, although Guhon won her back. After returning Byakkoshinken to Guhon, Shokyo marries him as she returns to China.

Shokyo is portrayed by Aki Miyase (宮瀬亜希 Miyase Aki?).

Kou's mother[edit]

Kou's mother is married to Shadam and is a member of the Dai Tribe. She possessed a strong Kiryoku. She placed a tiger tattoo on Kou at birth to suppress his Gorma-inherited powers and had him adopted after his birth to prevent the Gorma from tracking him down. Kou's mother was taken captive by an elderly Gorma and Akōmaru. She escaped when Shadam broke into her prison to discover the source of Akōmaru's information. She later used Byakoshinken to save a wounded Kou and to purge the Gorma powers from him. She died in a cave collapse along with Akōmaru.

Kou's mother is portrayed by Mikiko Miki (三輝みきこ Miki Mikiko?), who previously played Commander Aya Odagiri in Choujin Sentai Jetman.


  • Aura Changer (オーラチェンジャー Ōra Chenjā?): The two-piece transformation device of the core Dairangers. It is activated by extending a key from the right piece and inserting it into the left piece. The transformation call is "Ch'i-Power Tenshin!,[Note 3] Aura Changer" (気力転身! オーラチェンジャー Kiryoku Tenshin Ōra Chenjā?). The left piece can also be used as a communication device. It would later be adapted as the Magna Morpher in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.
  • Dai Buster (ダイバスター Dai Basutā?): A laser gun that is formed when the two sidearms are combined. It can be used to fire a laser rope so that the Dairangers can board their Mythical Qi Beasts.
    • Star Sword (スターソード Sutā Sōdo?): A longsword that becomes the barrel of the Dai Buster. It's also used for the Mythical Qi Beast Summon.
    • Star Cutter (スターカッター Sutā Kattā?): A dagger that becomes the grip of the Dai Buster.
  • Dairen Rod (ダイレンロッド Dairen Roddo?): A red staff that each of the core Dairangers possess. Each Dairanger possesses an individual blade that can be attached to their Dairen Rod - a naginata for Ryu Ranger, a bladed sasumata for Shishi Ranger, a monk's spade for Tenma Ranger, a spear for Qilin Ranger, and a bladed monk's cudgel for Houou Ranger. They can also magically transform into the Rangers' signature weapons:
    • Red Dragon Double Dragon Swords (赤龍双竜剣 Sekiryū Sōryūken?): Ryu Ranger's signature weapons.
    • Lion Cudgel (獅子棍棒 Shishi Konbō?): Shishi Ranger's signature weapon.
    • Pegasus Nun-chucks (テンマヌンチャク Tenma Nunchaku?): Tenma Ranger's signature weapon.
    • Qilin 9 Part Whip (麒麟九節鞭 Kirin Ku-setsu Ben?): Qilin Ranger's signature weapon.
    • Phoenix Spear (ヤリホウオウ Yari Hōō?): Houou Ranger's signature weapon.
  • Kiber Machines (キバーマシーン Kibā Mashīn?): Motorbikes themed after the Dairangers' individual Mythical Qi Beasts. They sometimes have minds of their own.
    • Red Kiber 1 (レッドキバー1 Reddo Kibā Wan?): Ryo's motorbike.
    • Green Kiber 2 (グリーンキバー2 Gurīn Kibā Tsū?): Daigo's motorbike.
    • Blue Kiber 3 (ブルーキバー3 Burū Kibā Surī?): Shouji's motorbike.
    • Yellow Kiber 4 (イエローキバー4 Ierō Kibā Fō?): Kazu's motorbike.
    • Pink Kiber 5 (ピンクキバー5 Pinku Kibā Faibu?): Lin's motorbike.
  • Heaven Treasure Lai-Lai Balls (天宝来来の玉 Tenpōrairai no Tama?): Seven round crystals that contain the energy of the Mythical Qi Beasts and which are used to summon them. The first five, which Lin found in China, are used as ammunition in the Super Qi-Power Bazooka. Kou's jewel appeared after Won Tiger is born. The seventh jewel, angular in shape like a turtle's shell, belongs to Kameo, who uses it to return to his true form, Daimugen. To appease Daijinryuu's wrath, the Lai-Lai Balls leave the Dairangers. 50 years later, the five primary jewels resurfaced in the new Dairangers' hands.
  • Ch'ii-Power Bomber: The five Dairanger's original team attack where they would collectively gather Ch'i and shoot out five balls of Ch'i from their hands which combine into one to finish off the Gorma monsters with. The only finisher that does not require an actual weapon to use.
  • Big Wheel Blade (大輪剣 Dairinken?): Circular bladed weapons given to the Dairangers by Grandmaster Guhon. By using their Ch'i power, they are able to launch them from their palms. When used in unison, the Dairangers can perform the finishing technique Ch'i Power Shot.
  • White Tiger Sword (白虎真剣 Byakkoshinken?): "Byakko" for short, is an enchanted talking saber Guhon placed within a stone until the one chosen to wield it arrives. That day occurred when Kō removed the weapon from its resting place. The sword offered to help Kō as Kiba Ranger, speaking in his place upon his debut as Kiba Ranger and co-piloting Won Tiger. He could also control Kou's body while fighting as Kiba Ranger. The White Tiger Sword is voiced by Wataru Abe.
  • Kiba Changer (キバチェンジャー Kiba Chenjā?, Fang Changer): Kou's transformation device. It has a golden key that is inserted into a brace similar to the Aura Changer's left piece. The transformation call is "Ch'i-Power Tenshin! Kiba Changer" (気力天身! キバチェンジャー Kiryoku Tenshin Kiba Chenjā?).
  • Super Ch'i-Power Bazooka (スーパー気力バズーカ Sūpā Kiryoku Bazūka?): The team's upgraded version of the Ch'i-Power Bomber finisher. A dragon themed bazooka given to the Dairangers by Grandmaster Guhon and empowered by the Dairangers and Kameo's seven Lai-Lai Balls. The Dairangers also place their Star Cutters on the sides and a Star Sword on top to hold it up in place.

Mythical Ch'i Beasts[edit]

The Mythical Ch'i Beasts (気伝獣 Kidenjū?) are the ancient god-like animals born from the power of nature that could be controlled by those of the Dai Tribe. "Mythical Summoning! (name)!" (気伝招来!(気伝獣の名前)! Kiden Shōrai! (Kidenjū no Namae)!?) is used to call on the Mythical Ch'i Beasts (although in Super Sentai World, Ryu Ranger was able to summon a fully combined Dairen'oh by himself) while holding their respective Lai-Lai Jewels and a Star Sword (Byakkoshinken in Kiba Ranger's case) to summon them.

  • Mythical Ch'i Beast Ryuuseioh (気伝獣龍星王 Kidenjū Ryūseiō?, Dragon Star King): Ryu Ranger's Mythical Ch'i Beast, transforms into Mythical Ch'i Warrior Ryuuseioh (気伝武人龍星王 Kiden Bujin Ryūseiō?) upon the command "Warrior Change" (武人変化 Bujin Henge?). He can combine with the Heavenly Ch'i Palace to form Dairen'oh, and can control fire and lightning. He can breathe streams of fire from his mouth called Big Blaze (大火炎 Dai Kaen?). He can use the Flying Dragon Rod (飛龍棍 Hiryū Kon?) to perform the Windmill Kick, Super Windmill, and the Great Windmill Slice (大風車斬り Dai Fūsha Kiri?) attack. At first, Kaku had to use his Ch'i energy to control Ryuuseioh, until Lin was transported to China to find the five Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels and revived the other four Mythical Ch'i Beasts. Ryu Ranger can control Ryuuseioh either by himself or with the other core Dairangers. Helped out in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai. Elements of Sun Wukong (such as his staff and golden headband) were influences on Ryuuseioh's design.
  • Mythical Ch'i Beast Star Shishi (気伝獣星獅子 Kidenjū Sei Jishi?): Shishi Ranger's Mythical Ch'i Beast, this Shishi can create mists to conceal itself and can create illusions. Its attack is Big Mirage (大蜃気楼 Dai Shinkirō?).
  • Mythical Ch'i Beast Star Tenma (気伝獣星天馬 Kidenjū Sei Tenma?, Star-Tianma): Tenma Ranger's Mythical Ch'i Beast, this Tianma can throw boulders at its enemies and control gravity. Its attack is Big Gravity (大重力 Dai Jūryoku?).
  • Mythical Ch'i Beast Star Qilin (気伝獣星麒麟 Kidenjū Sei Kirin?): Qilin Ranger's Mythical Ch'i Beast, this Qilin can shoot fireballs out of its mouth, and control time. Its attack is Big Time (大時間 Dai Jikan?).
  • Mythical Ch'i Beast Star Houou (気伝獣星鳳凰 Kidenjū Sei Hōō?, Star-Fenghuang): Houou Ranger's Mythical Ch'i Beast, this Fenghuang can fire laser blasts and generate whirlwinds. Its attack is Big Whirlwind (大旋風 Dai Senpū?).
  • Mythical Ch'i Beast Won Tiger (気伝獣ウォンタイガー Kidenjū Won Taigā?, King Tiger): Kiba Ranger's Mythical Ch'i Beast, attacks with "Big Roar" and transforms into Mythical Ch'i Warrior Won Tiger (気伝武人ウォンタイガー Kiden Bujin Won Taigā?) by the command "Warrior Change!". It is armed with seven Legendary Ch'i Treasure Pearls in its cockpit which correlate to both the seven days of the Japanese week and the seven Japanese elements; Moon (equivalent for Monday), Fire (Tuesday), Water (Wednesday), Wood (Thursday), Metal (Friday), Earth (Saturday), and Sun (Sunday). In warrior mode, it attacks with "Tiger Punch," "Tiger Kick" and uses the Fire Jewel for its "Tiger Boy's Big Secret Technique Flaming Orb" (Kaen Dama). Won Tiger was born by the combined powers of Kaku along with the five Dairangers for Kiba Ranger at high noon in Gojoudai. It is also armed with the Golden Sword (黄金剣 Ōgonken?) and mimics Kiba Ranger's attacks to fight off Gorma monsters.
  • Super Mythical Ch'i Beast Daimugen (超気伝獣ダイムゲン Chō Kidenjū Daimugen?, Great Infinity): A giant tortoise who turned into Kameo (亀夫 Kameo?) — a pudgy Nagoya accented man who loved turtles (keeping some he named "Candy", "Max", "Joe", "Gum", "Tom", and "Caesar") and fearful of confrontations, with no memory of his previous life, in which he escaped the fighting between the Dai & Gorma tribes. He makes a living out of selling illustrations he made and dreams of writing children's books. He later witnesses the Dairangers transform when they revive Won Tiger. One day, he finds a Lai-Lai Jewel that reveals his true nature as Daimugen. However, he doesn't resume his true form until his new friend Kazu is in danger from the Gorma Four Deva Kings. Since then, Daimugen appears only when the Dairangers need his aid, changing into Super Mythical Ch'i Warrior Daimugen (超気伝武人ダイムゲン Chō Kiden Bujin Daimugen?) by the command "Super Warrior Change!" (超武人変化 Cho Bujin Henge!?), to re-energize Ryuuseioh. Using the crystal, Kameo can change into Daimugen at will while yelling "Super Mythical Ch'i Beast, Daimugen!", but at other times the crystal would cause him to turn into a small turtle. Eventually, Daimugen's fear of fighting is revealed to be the result of his first encounter with Daijinryuu long ago, but he manages to overcome his phobia to protect Ryuuseioh from Daijinryuu. Kameo is portrayed by Sugisaku Imagawa (今川杉作, Imagawa Sugisaku).

Mythical Ch'i Beast Combinations[edit]

Heavenly Sky Ch'i Palace[edit]

Four Stars Fusion Heavenly Sky Ch'i Palace (四星合体天空気殿 Shisei Gattai Tenkū Kiden?) is the combination of four of the Mythical Ch'i Beasts. Star Shishi forms the frontal center. Star Tenma forms the right side. Star Qilin forms the left side and Star Houou forms the rear.

Ryuuseioh in warrior mode can ride on it, and is capable of high-speed flight. Ryuuseioh can fly off it through the air and perform the Heavenly Great Windmill (天空大風車 Tenkū Dai Fūsha?) attack. Heavenly Sky Ch'i Palace goes on top of Heavy Armor Qi Palace.


Gosei Fusion Dairen'oh (五星合体大連王 Gosei Gattai Dairen'ō?, Great Union King) is the combination of Ryuuseioh and the Heavenly Sky Ch'i Palace. Ryuuseioh forms the internal structure, Star Shishi forms the helmet, body armor, belt ornament and arm armor, Star Tenma forms the right leg armor, Star Qilin forms the left leg armor and Star Houou forms the belt and the tip of the Dai Javelin (ダイジャベリン Dai Jaberin?), combining with Ryuuseioh's Flying Dragon Rod.

It is armed with the Dai Javelin, and the Daiohken (大王剣 Daiōken?, Great King Sword) sword, with which it performs the Storm and Stress (疾風怒濤 Shippū Dotō?) attack. Another attack is the Ch'i Kung Shot (気功弾 Kikōdan?), "Maboroshi KiriGakure" (Illusion), DaiHouDen ("Great Discharge"). It resembles a classical Chinese heavily armored soldier from the Ming Dynasty.

Kiba Daioh[edit]

Won Tiger can combine with the Heavenly Sky Ch'i Palace to form Shinsei Fusion Kiba Daioh (新星合体牙大王 Shinsei Gattai Kiba Daiō?, Fang Great King). Won Tiger forms the head, arms and body. Star Shishi forms the back and shoulders. Star Tenma forms the right leg. Star Qilin forms the left leg and Star Houou forms the weapon.

Some of its attacks include Great Ch'i Power Punch (大気力パンチ Dai Kiryoku Panchi?) and the Flying Sword - Smash to Atoms (飛翔剣・木端微塵 Hishou Ken Koppamijin?) attack, which is performed by shooting Star Houou at the enemy like a missile. Kiba Daioh is much stronger than Dairen'oh.

Heavy Armor Ch'i Palace[edit]

Seven Star Fusion Heavy Armor Ch'i Palace (七星合体重甲気殿 Shichisei Gattai Jūkō Kiden?) is the most powerful Dairanger weapon of all and is the combination of all the Mythical Ch'i Beasts. Ryuuseioh and the Heavenly Sky Ch'i Palace go on top of Daimugen, whilst Won Tiger goes inside, completing the formation.

It kills Gorma monsters with its Great Crushing Death (大圧殺 Dai Assatsu?) attack, in which Ryuuseioh spins his staff like a propeller to raise the Heavy Armor Ch'i Palace into the air, which is then brought down on to the enemy.


  1. ^ During pre-production, the Dairangers were said to be tentatively called Chinese Sentai Chinaman (中華戦隊チャイナマン Chūka Sentai Chainaman?).[citation needed] This rumor is brought up in later productions like the '"The Mature Narumi Detective Agency"' segment of Net Movie: Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taihen: Who Is the Culprit?! and Akibaranger Season Two.
  2. ^ "Qi" (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; Japanese: ) is a concept in Chinese culture that relates to one's life force. It is pronounced as "ch'i" in Chinese and "ki" in Japanese.
  3. ^ "Tenshin (天身 Tenshin?)" which means "Heaven Transform". This is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "ten (?)" which means "heaven" and "henshin (変身?)" which means "transform". In English, this roughly translates into "Heavenform", a portmanteau of "heaven" and "transform." In the official Shout! Factory release of Dairanger, the word is simply "transformation."