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Daisi "Jo" Pollard Sepulveda
Born Juél-Maddie Daisi Pollard Sepulveda
(1980-05-21) 21 May 1980 (age 37)
Newark, New Jersey, United States
Residence Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation Model, actress, business woman, author
Years active 1992–present
Modeling information
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) [1]
Hair color Blonde reference [1]
Eye color Brown [1]
Manager Models Only LA (Los Angeles)

Juél-Maddie Daisi Pollard Sepulveda (born May 21, 1980) is an American model, international beauty queen, business woman, author and actress. In 2005, she was crowned Miss Jamaica International,[citation needed] which led her to compete on a larger scale. Pollard Sepulveda was the first Jamaican candidate in history to compete in the Miss Earth 2005, Miss Asia Pacific 2005, and Miss Beauty Queen World 2005, and is the only known candidate to hold three different national titles throughout a single pageant career.

In addition to her pageant and modeling career, Pollard Sepulveda has embarked on other endeavors which include multiple business ventures, public speaking engagements, books, and appearances in film and television. Pollard Sepulveda is also involved in charity work for various causes, most notably her association with meningitis. Pollard Sepulveda has maintain a rather private personal life, which includes a brief marriage and a life-threatening bout with meningitis.

Early life[edit]

Pollard Sepulveda was born in Newark, New Jersey and raised in New York City. She is of Jamaican and Middle-Eastern descent. Pollard Sepulveda was born with minor birth deformity on her left eye called an upper eyelid coloboma which hindered her early years both socially and professionally as a result of childhood bullying and low self-esteem. Pollard Sepulveda had reconstructive surgery at the age of 22.

After her father died, Pollard and her mother moved from New York City to Virginia where her mother remarried. Shortly thereafter, Pollard Sepulveda entered into the foster care system after her mother and step-father were charged with child neglect. At the age of 12, Pollard Sepulveda was adopted by her paternal grandmother and moved to Connecticut. Her grandmother thought Pollard Sepulveda had potential for modeling, acting and dancing and enrolled her into the Barbizon School of Modeling; in Stamford, Connecticut; concurrently, she studied theater and ballet.


Pollard Sepulveda's began modeling work began at age 12. Her early work were regular appearances as a showroom model, department store fashion shows, catalogs, and runway modeling at the New York Fashion Cafe. Her body of work includes Los Angeles Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, LA Urban Fashion Week, Jam Vibez magazine,[2] Reggae Planet, Gap, Old Navy, MTV, Lifetime's: How to Look Good Naked (episode 2.2), Bravo’s Launch My Line "Bare Minimal" (episode 4) and Good Day LA. She has also appeared on international networks TVJ and CVM's Smile Jamaica and Star World ABS-CBN in Asia.

She made her film debut in King of the Streets by Laguna Productions[3] and Box of Shadows. (2010) by Fotocomics Productions. In 2014, Daisi walked for Laurie Elyse in the 2014 New York Couture Fashion Week.[4] In 2015, She made a cameo appearance in the German movie ABC's of Superheroes. She is the spokesmodel for the clothing company VencciLA,.[5]


Throughout her pageant career, Pollard Sepulveda has held the following titles: Miss Jamaica International 2005, Miss Asia Pacific International Jamaica 2005, Miss Earth Jamaica 2005, Miss Beauty Queen World Jamaica 2005, Miss Beauty Queen World 2005, Miss Asia USA Israel 2005, Miss Asia USA 2006, Mrs. Jamaica 2011 and Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012.

During the Miss Asia Pacific International 2005 competition in Guangzhou, China, Pollard Sepulveda was most notable for her on stage protest regarding the poor treatment of contestants by the organizers. Prior to the pageants final dress rehearsal, the candidates had been told that the rehearsal would just be a "run through" and so many of them declined to wear makeup. However, the candidates were not informed that judges would be present, and that the rehearsal was being taped for television. Many of the delegates felt extremely uncomfortable about the situation and were crying backstage. Being one of the more media friendly delegates, Pollard Sepulveda decided to speak-up about the situation. When it was her turn to hit the stage, Pollard Sepulveda interrupted the taping by walking across the stage to the microphone and emphatically protesting. Pollard Sepulveda was escorted off stage and judges were eventually removed from the rehearsal.[6]

In 2011 Pollard Sepulveda representing Jamaican married women in the Mrs. Ethnic World International competition which took place in Los Angeles, California. During the competition, Pollard Sepulveda performed Japanese Martial Arts Shuriken Jutsu.[7] Some of her sponsors included Laurie Elyse,[8] The Grammy Museum, 1010 Wilshire, and several Martial Arts companies. Through this pageant, she was also able to co-produce and star in a documentary called Living Jamerican.[9] The documentary allowed the viewer an inside look into a day in the life of a Jamaican American beauty queen. Pollard Sepúlveda was crowned Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012.[10]

Charity Work[edit]

Pollard Sepulveda has used her various platforms to influence others through her charity work. She volunteered with numerous organizations such as the LA Prom Closet,[11] a nonprofit which gives underprivileged girls the chance to fully enjoy their prom, complete with dress and shoes. She has supported AIDS awareness organizations including the Red Pump Project to support National Women & Girl’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and the TransgiaDivas event organized by the Minority AIDS Project.[12]

During her Miss Jamaica International 2005 reign, Pollard Sepulveda promote computer & technology literacy for the CCGI Foundation in Jamaica gaining support from the Governor General, Sir Howard Cooke,[13] Mayor of Kingston,[14] Desmond McKenzie, Minister of Education,[15] Maxine Henry Wilson and the Jamaica Tourist Board.[16] From 2006-2008, Pollard Sepulveda toured as a keynote speaker for Barbizon International to promote their $100,000 scholarship program.[17]

During her reign as Mrs. Ethnic World International 2012, Pollard Sepulveda focused on a series of small charitable efforts titled, “Legacy Projects" in which Pollard Sepulveda noting the significance in showing other how to leaving part of yourself behind in smalls ways. Through the nonprofit Dress for Success, Daisi was able to donate several outfits to help women feel prepared to take on new employment opportunities.[18] Among these endeavors, Pollard Sepulveda has also partnered with the National Ladies Professional Group, the Asian Professional Exchange, APLA, the Red Cross, and countless others in an effort to improve the lives of others around the world.

In 2012, Pollard Sepulveda also accepted the position of President of The Meningitis Foundation of America, Inc. previously coming from an hononorary committee member for the National Meningitis Association. As a survivor of viral meningitis, she felt a need to help other from this terrible disease by Using her personal experience with meningitis to bring awareness to the disease. Due to conflicts with her many titles she was asked to resign her position from The Meningitis Foundation of America, Inc. in January 2013.


In 2005 Pollard Sepulveda used her pageant and sponsorship platform to leverage her way into various business opportunities including a modeling agency, real estate, and several micro startups. In 2012, Pollard Sepulveda was elected Chairwoman of the Board of Directors to the Meningitis Foundation of America. She resigned from the position in early 2014.[19]

In 2014, Pollard Sepulveda founded Daisi Media Corp,[20] a digital media company which houses a multi-channel network, a Blog network and manages the digital properties, images and video for Pollard Sepulveda. The company's most notable digital property is Daisi Jo Reviews,[21] which gives reviews on products in the worlds of fashion, beauty and other product categories.The site has partnered with brands such as RocksBox, MagnetStreet.com, Andre Lorent, Avon, Healthy Delights, PurplePort.com, and Thin Tea. Daisi Media Corp. also owns 50% of Venccila.com in which Pollard Sepulveda is the sole spokesmodel and several other e-commerce brands.


Pollard Sepulveda self-published all three of her books through her media company, Daisi Media Corp. Leveraging her experience in pageantry and modeling, Pollard Sepulveda wrote "To Be A Queen".,[22] an all inclusive look into what it takes to be a beauty queen and "Starter Model".,[23] a guide for new models trying to break into the industry in the post digital age. Following her 1st two books, Pollard Sepulveda republished her great-grandfathers book, "The Tin Box".,[24] in which was originally written by Jerome Aredell Williams and tells the scandalous love story of an heiress, cowboy an oil and cattle con artist during the gold rush era. Pollard Sepulveda wrote the prologue, introduction and preface.


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