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Daisy Eris Campbell is a British writer, actor and theatre director. Daughter of actor and director Ken Campbell and Prunella Gee.[1] She staged The Warp, a revival of Neil Oram's 24-hour play which her father had directed many times in the late seventies, as well as in the early eighties in The Everyman Theatre,Liverpool.[2] Campbell also adapted Robert Anton Wilson’s cult autobiographical book Cosmic Trigger for the stage.[3] She played the role of her mother in the play.[3] Cosmic Trigger is a kind of sequel to her father's adaptation of Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! Allegedly, Daisy was conceived during the original production of Illuminatus! [3] In part, the play of Cosmic Trigger deals with the production of Ken Campbell's adaptation of Illuminatus! in Liverpool in 1976.[3]

In Liverpool, in 2017, she directed the KLF's Welcome to the Dark Ages.[4]

Campbell has recently been orchestrating and touring a group reading of the novelist Alistair Fruish's 46,000-word monosyllabic novel around Britain.[5]


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