Daisy Milano Gold Mine

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Daisy Milano
Daisy Milano 1.jpg
Daisy Milano entrance
Daisy Milano Gold Mine is located in Australia
Daisy Milano Gold Mine
Daisy Milano Gold Mine
Location in Australia
Location Kalgoorlie
State Western Australia
Country Australia
Coordinates 31°00′S 121°55′E / 31.000°S 121.917°E / -31.000; 121.917Coordinates: 31°00′S 121°55′E / 31.000°S 121.917°E / -31.000; 121.917
Production 66,671
Financial year 2009-10
Opened 1990
Company Silver Lake Resources
Website Silver Lake website
Year of acquisition November 2007

The Daisy Milano Gold Mine is a gold mine located 50 km south east of Kalgoorlie at Mount Monger Station, Western Australia.

It is currently owned by Silver Lake Resources. Silver Lake reopened the mine in December 2007. Daisy Milano's ore is processed in the Silver Lake-owned Lakewood gold processing facility, which is located 5 km south east of Kalgoorlie and capable of processing 300,000 tonnes per annum.[1] Silver Lake purchased the facility in November 2007 for A$2.4 million.[2]


Gold mines in the Kalgoorlie region

While in relatively close proximity to Kalgoorlie, the Mount Monger goldfield had seen no systematic exploration approach in the past. Mining had been carried out in the area from the early 1900s, mostly by small mining company's, gold having been found there in 1896.[3] Approximately 400,000 ounces have been mined in the Mount Monger area, with old workings in the area reaching a depth of 80 metres.[4]

The current Daisy Milano mine has been in operation since 1990. Originally it was an underground operation, with a shaft haulage system, but, under the ownership of Ridgeview Nominees Pty Limited, a decline was established in 2001.[5] In May 2002, an underground miner was killed at the facility, having been found unconscious on an underground access road, next to an open electrical switch box.[6]

The mine was placed in care and maintenance in March 2007 by then-owner Perilya Limited, with the intention of selling it.[7][8] Perilya themselves had purchased the operations in January 2005 for A$3.2 million,[9] but suffered from a lack of own production facilities, having to cart its ore long distances to other company’s plants, such as Harmony’s Jubilee or Coolgardie, 100 km away from the mine.[10]

Silver Lake, formed in 2004 and listed at the Australian Securities Exchange in 2007,[11] acquired Daisy Milano in November 2007 for A$14.5 million from Perilya.[2][12][13]

Mining at Daisy Milano resumed in December 2007 and the first gold pour was carried out in April 2008.[2] In the June quarter of 2009, Silver Lake also carried out open pit mining 1 km north of the underground operation, at Christmas Flat.[14]


Christmas Flat pit gate

Production of the mine:

Year Production Grade Cost per ounce
2000 [5] 5,551 ounces 7.1 g/t US$201
2001 [5] 6,468 ounces 6.0 g/t US$234
2004-05 [15] 4,827 ounces 7.96 g/t
2005-06 [16] 25,573 ounces 7.5 g/t A$596
2006-07 [16] 24,779 ounces 8.8 g/t A$590
2007-08 5,808 ounces 10.2 g/t A$
2008-09 [14] 49,272 ounces 9.4 g/t A$780
2009-10 [17] 66,671 ounces 6.1 g/t



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