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Daewon C.I.
Industry Comics, Novels
Founded 1991
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Parent Daewon Media
Website http://www.dwci.co.kr

Daewon C.I. (대원씨아이, Daewon Ssi Ai, formerly Daiwon C.I.), short for Daewon Culture Industry, is a subsidiary of Daewon Media founded in 1991. This South Korean publisher releases domestic and imported comics, Newtype Korea Magazine, children's books, and light novels. With Haksan Culture Company and Seoul Cultural Publishers, Daewon C.I. accounts for more than 50% of comics publications in South Korea.[1]


Daewon C.I. was founded in 1991 as the publishing arm of Daewon Media. Its initial publication was Comic Champ magazine in December of that year. In 1994, they launched Young Champ, and followed with two additional monthly magazines in 1995, which are no longer in print. Issue was also introduced that year as a biweekly magazine. The first Newtype Korea was published in 1999, and in 2002, Mag X was launched in Thailand. Its newest magazine, Super Champ debuted in 2006.[2] They currently have a magazine circulation of over 2,000,000 per year and publish 11,000,000 collected volumes of comics per year.[3]



Daewon C.I. produces comics magazines that feature serialization of domestic and imported comics titles. Each magazine also has its own book imprint under which collected volumes of these comics are published. Its magazines are:

  • Comic Champ, a biweekly first published in 1991, aimed at adolescent and young teenage boys.
  • Young Champ, an online-only biweekly first published in 1994, aimed at young adults (changed to an online-only magazine in 2009, merging Super Champ's titles).
  • Issue, a monthly first published in 1995, aimed at adolescent and teenage girls.

Light novels[edit]

Daewon C.I. publishes light novels under five imprints: Arche-Type (아키타입), Newtype Novels, Issue Novels (이슈 Novels), BLove (B愛 Novels), and Iliad (일리어드). Series published include:

Newtype Korea[edit]

Newtype Korea, first published in July 1999, is a glossy magazine released monthly. It is the Korean version of Newtype from Japan, and covers Japanese and domestic TV, DVD, and theatrical animation. Much of the content is translated directly from Japanese, with added features emphasizing domestic Korean productions.

Children's books[edit]

Daewon C.I. publishes entertainment and educational books for young children featuring a variety of characters. These characters include Winnie the Pooh, Pororo the Little Penguin, and Digimon.


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