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Dakeng (traditional Chinese: 大坑, Hanyu Pinyin: dàkēng) is the area that contains most of the mountain region of Beitun District, Taichung, Taiwan. Within these mountains is the Guguan Hot Spring, a famous recreational spot. It is located at the starting point of east-west cross express way, 48 kilometers from Fengyuan.

Hiking and Biking Trails[edit]

Dakeng also boasts a variety of mountain biking and hiking trails. These trails are managed by the Taichung City Government. A total of 10 hiking trails exist. Each trail varies in difficulty in ascent and descent; with trails 6-10 being more flat and suitable for beginners while trails 1-5 are more vertical and pose more of a challenge. Trails 1-5 are composed of log steps throughout much of the trail with ropes on both sides to help support hikers.

Guguan Hot Spring[edit]

Guguan Hot Spring was first discovered around the year 1907, and was originally called Meiji Hot Spring, because it was said that the Japanese Meiji Emperor had gone there before and afterwards had a son. It acquired a popular reputation for helping couples conceive sons.

After the 1999 Jiji earthquake, a second hot spring containing sodium bicarbonate was discovered near the first.

Guanyin Mountain[edit]

Dakeng is also home to the Guanyin Temple on Guanyin Mountain located near Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology (CTUST)[1] on Bu Zi Road.[citation needed] The mountain is a popular hiking trail that takes about twenty minutes to hike to the top. The top of Guanyin Mountain offers a good view of the Beitun District. At the base of the mountain is the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology.

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