Dakhlet Nouadhibou

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This article is about the bay. For the region, see Dakhlet Nouadhibou Region.
Dakhlet Nouadhibou
Baie du Lévrier
Bahía del Galgo
Dakhlet Nouadhibou is located in Mauritania
Dakhlet Nouadhibou
Dakhlet Nouadhibou
Location of the bay in Mauritania
Coordinates 20°52′N 16°54′W / 20.87°N 16.9°W / 20.87; -16.9Coordinates: 20°52′N 16°54′W / 20.87°N 16.9°W / 20.87; -16.9
Ocean/sea sources Atlantic Ocean[1]
Basin countries Mauritania
Max. length 54 km (34 mi)
Max. width 32 km (20 mi)

Dakhlet Nouadhibou is a bay on the Atlantic shore of Mauritania.[2]


The bay is open towards the south and contains numerous shoals. It is limited by the Cap Blanc headland on its western side.[2]

In French maps the inner bay is known as Baie de l'Archimède and the wider bay as Baie du Lévrier. Currently the Dakhlet Nouadhibou Region, an administrative division of Mauritania, is named after it.

1958 French map of the Dakhlet Nouadhibou bay area


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