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Dakkar is located in Ethiopia
Location in Ethiopia
Coordinates: 9°30′N 42°36′E / 9.500°N 42.600°E / 9.500; 42.600Coordinates: 9°30′N 42°36′E / 9.500°N 42.600°E / 9.500; 42.600
Country Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia
Region Somali
Zone Shinile
Elevation 2,031 m (6,663 ft)

Dakkar was a Somali historical town located in modern day of Somali Region in Ethiopia.


It was the second capital of the medieval Adal Sultanate, after the polity moved its initial headquarters from Zeila in modern-day northwestern Somalia.[1]

G.W.B. Huntingford suggests that Dakkar might be the same as the modern Chinhahsan, which is located at the edge of the Marar plain 15 miles NW of Jijiga.[2]


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