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Birth name Yosef Levy
Born 1944 (age 70–71)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1960s-present

Daklon (born Yosef Levy) is an Israeli musician.[1]


Yosef ("Daklon"} Levy was born in 1944 in Tel Aviv's Kerem Hateimanim (Yemenite) neighborhood, son of Yemenite Jewish immigrants from the Shar'ab region in Yemen.[2]

Daklon explains the source of his nickname: "In those days everyone in the Kerem had a nickname. Your given name was only good for your ID. As a kid I was very small and thin, almost skinny (Hebrew: דק, dak; daq). Therefore they called me Daklon."

He started his musical career as an 11-year-old when his teacher sent him to do a spot for a religious music radio show.

Daklon was first inspired to take his music more seriously by Morocco-born singer Joe Amar at the end of the 1950s. Daklon took Greek and Indian songs and put Hebrew words to them in the 1960s when his career was launched.

He is famed for his performances with Yemenite virtuosos Haim Moshe and Avihu Medina.

Daklon songs are usually themed on his love for the land of Israel and the God of Israel. Daklon's music draws on centuries of Hebrew poetry and musical traditions of the Yemenite Jews.

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