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Badlands Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson, North Dakota, United States, reopened on May 17, 2016, after over twenty years operating as Dakota Dinosaur Museum. It is part of the museum complex at Dickinson Museum Center.

The 13,400-square-foot (1,240 m2) museum includes dinosaur skeletons, skulls, and reconstructions, with dozens of displays featuring other fine fossils and minerals. Notable exhibits include a complete Triceratops skull, and full standing mounts of Allosaurus and Albertosaurus.


"Dakota Dinosaur Museum" was the original name for the museum which was first proposed in 1987, and opened in 1994. The original exhibit included skeletons and models made by companies and artists from Utah, Texas, and North Dakota. Most of the artifacts in the museum were donated by Larry and Alice League.

In 2015, ownership of the museum's fossil collection and related exhibits was transferred to the City of Dickinson. Under this new management, the museum reopened on May 17, 2016[1] as the Dinosaur Museum at Dickinson Museum Center.[2] In 2017 the museum was renamed "Badlands Dinosaur Museum",[3] as one of the first steps in a complete overhaul of the exhibits and museum infrastructure.

Opening hours[edit]

The museum is open Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm year-round. In summer the museum is also open on Sundays 12pm-5pm.


Coordinates: 46°53′41″N 102°47′00″W / 46.89472°N 102.78333°W / 46.89472; -102.78333

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