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Coordinates 58°36′12″N 12°36′20″E / 58.60333°N 12.60556°E / 58.60333; 12.60556Coordinates: 58°36′12″N 12°36′20″E / 58.60333°N 12.60556°E / 58.60333; 12.60556
Type Castle

Dalaborg is a ruined castle in Sweden. The Castle was built on the western coast in the early 14th century and destroyed in the year 1434 during a feud with King Birger. Built in 1304 by dukes Erik and Valdemar, the sons of Magnus Ladulås. Destroyed during the Engelbrekt feud 130 years later. It was here that Queen Margareta, regent of Norway and Denmark, was recognised as regent of Sweden, too, in 1388. The moat, ramparts, a terrace and the cellar of a blockhouse still survive. A model of Dalaborg before it was destroyed can be seen at Mellerud Museum.

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