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Dalat Flower Festival (Vietnamese: Festival Hoa Đà Lạt) is a cultural festival which takes place every other year in Da Lat city, Lam Dong, Vietnam and some other localities in Lamdong province. The festival is held with the purpose of exhibiting flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants from the local as well as other regions within the country and many other countries in the world in order to attract visitors to come to Dalat, promote economic development of the city. Dalat Flower Festival is also an activity honoring the value of flowers and floriculture, calling for investment in Dalat flower industry as well as promoting a positive image of the city, the culture and the people of Dalat.

Historical records[edit]

Dalat Flower Festival 2005[edit]

From 10th Dec to 18th Dec 2005 (9 days).
Theme: Dalat - A destination of colorful flowers.
This is the first flower festival to be held in the city which attracted to around 80,000 visitors.

Dalat Flower Festival 2007[edit]

From 15th Dec to 22nd Dec 2007 (8 days).
Theme: Dalat flowers - I love you.
This event attracted to around 110,000 visitors.

Dalat Flower Festival 2010[edit]

From 01st Jan to 04th Jan 2010 (4 days).
Theme: Dalat - City of thousands of flowers.
This is one of the national events responding to The 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi.

Dalat Flower Festival 2012[edit]

From 31st Dec 2011 to 03rd Jan 2012 (4 days).
Theme: Dalat - City of Flower Festival.
This festival attracted to 300,000 visitors.

Dalat Flower Festival 2014[edit]

From 28th Dec 2013 to 02nd Jan 2014 (6 days).
Theme: Central Highlands - Echoes of the jungles.
Is one of 4 important events took place in Dalat in 2013 and 2014: The 120th anniversary of Dalat’s formation and development, Dalat - Lamdong culture & tourism week 2013, National Tourism Year 2014 in Central Highlands - Dalat, The 1st Viet Nam - ASEAN UNESCO Heritage Festival 2013.

Dalat Flower Festival 2016[edit]

From 29th Dec 2015 to 02rd Jan 2016 (5 days)
Theme: Dalat - Multitude of flower colors.

Dalat Flower Festival 2017[edit]

From 23th Dec 2017 to 27th Dec 2017 (5 days)
Theme: Da Lat Flowers – The marvellous crystallization from the benign land.
This festival attracted to 500,000 visitors.


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