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Dalaw (movie poster).jpg
Theatrical movie poster
Directed by Dondon Santos
Produced by Charo Santos-Concio
Malou Santos
Kristina Bernadette Aquino
Written by Enrico Santos
Jerry Lopez Sineneng
Screenplay by Joel Mercado
Lawrence Nicodemos
John Paul Abellera
Starring Kris Aquino
Diether Ocampo
Gina Pareno
Alessandra De Rossi
Empress Schuck
Music by Cesar Francis Concio
Cinematography Anne Monzon
Edited by Renewin Alano
Star Cinema
MJM Productions
Distributed by Star Cinema
Release date
  • December 25, 2010 (2010-12-25)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Philippines
  • Tagalog
  • English
Budget ₱30 million
Box office ₱125 million

Visit (Filipino: Dalaw) is a 2010 Filipino suspense-horror film starring Kris Aquino and Diether Ocampo.[1] The film was released by Star Cinema. It was an official entry at the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Stella (Kris Aquino) decides to marry Anton (Diether Ocampo), 3 years after her husband died. Anton was her great love before she was forced by her parents to marry Danilo (Richard Quan). However, after the wedding, she experiences major hauntings that endanger her life and the people around her. All the clues are pointing to her dead husband. Feeling guilty of her dead husband's death, Stella tries to save her family from the ghost's wrath. Along the way, secrets start to unravel and Stella is now unsure of who's haunting her and why she's being haunted.


Kris Aquino portrays Stella.
Karylle portrays Lorna.


The film marks the return of Kris Aquino to the horror genre, in which she was tagged as 'Philippine's Box-office Horror Queen' due to the success of her two previous films, Feng Shui and Sukob. The film was a box-office success, placing in third place at the list of the highest-grossing entries for the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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