Dalcross, Highland

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'Dalcross, in the original Gaelic, Dealgan Cros, later shortened to Dealgros, is a location in the Highland region of Scotland. It is on the Moray Firth about 10 km (6 miles) east-north-east of Inverness and contains Inverness Airport,[1] Dalcross industrial estate, Dalcross Castle[2] and Dalcross Forest.

Dalcross Railway Station[edit]

On 16 October 2015 the principle contractor for forthcoming modernization of the inverness Aberdeen line was announced, BAM included in this project is infrastructure that will allow a new station to be built at Dalcross on the line. The original station closed in 1965. This work is due for completion by 2019 (double tracking between Aberdeen and Inverurie and similar work to Dalcross at Kintore )<BBC news> Dalcross railway station, which closed in 1965, is due to be re-opened between 2014 and 2019.[3]


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Coordinates: 57°31′N 4°02′W / 57.517°N 4.033°W / 57.517; -4.033