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"Goldhawk" redirects here. For the Goldhawk character as featured in the Irish magazine The Phoenix, see The Phoenix (magazine).

Dale Goldhawk is a Canadian broadcaster and investigative reporter. Goldhawk Fights Back began as a consumer advocacy segment on CBLT's dinner hour newscast in the 1980s — Newshour. He joined Leslie Jones as co-host of CBLT Morning between 1984 and 1986.[1] He moved to radio for a time as host of CBC Radio's Cross-Country Checkup and was also president of the NABET, the union representing most workers at CBC. This position was the background of Canadian Broadcasting Corp. v. Canada (Labour Relations Board), where he alleged he was dismissed due to his union position. He subsequently moved to CTV where his consumer ombudsman segment was featured on the CTV National News through the 1990s.

Today, Goldhawk Fights Back is a daily radio show on CFZM. He also hosts Goldhawk Live, a nightly current affairs interview and phone in show on Rogers Television. The show has had a number of community figures and local and provincial politicians as guests. He also has a Sunday night phone in show on CPAC, also called Goldhawk Live, which deals with national issues.

Goldhawk has also been involved in a consumer advocacy battle over the past decade against "bad faith business practices" that he claims are a major cause of Net debt.[2] He has partnered with political figures, notably Adam Vaughan on a campaign to clean up the streets in Ward 20 Trinity—Spadina. Since 1997, Goldhawk has worked on and off with Toronto police chief Julian Fantino in efforts to enforce heavier fines on illegal garbage dumping in Ontario as part of the Warwick Watford Landfill Committee.[3]

Goldhawk's journalism career began with the Toronto Telegram. He has also worked for Global Television and as news director at CHIC Radio in Brampton, Ontario.


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