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The Dalera, sometimes pronounced as Dalere are a Hindu caste found in North India, and those in Uttar Pradesh have scheduled tribe status .[1]

The Dalera derive their name from the Hindi word daliya, meaning a basket. Traditionally, they were a community engaged in the manufacture of baskets. According to their traditions, they were Rajputs, who on defeat in a battle took to the occupation of basket making. The Dalera are found mainly in the districts of Rampur and Bareilly in Rohilkhand. In Bareilly District, they are found mainly in the villages of Gungawa, Sekha, Hajipur, Bhuda and Rotapur, and in Rampur District, are found in the villages of Pur, Dalphurya and Nagra.

The Dalera are a landowning community, with many still involved mainly in the manufacturing of baskets and mats. They are mainly a community of small and marginal farmers, with a small minority employed as agricultural labourers. The Dalera live in multi-caste and multi-religious villages, occupying their own distinct quarters. Each of their settlement contains an informal caste council, known as a biradari panchayat. The panchayat acts as instrument of social control, dealing with issues such as divorce and adultery.[1]

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