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The Dalhousie Gazette
Dal gaz143 09 low all
Nov. 5, 2010 cover of The Dalhousie Gazette
Type Weekly Student Newspaper
Format Tabloid
Publisher The Dalhousie Gazette Publishing Society
Editor Ian Froese
Headquarters 6136 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Circulation 10,000
Official website

The Dalhousie Gazette (more commonly referred to as The Gazette) is the main student publication at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The paper first began publishing in 1868, making it the oldest continually operating student newspaper in North America followed by The Harvard Crimson (1873) and The Columbia Daily Spectator (1877). (The Brunswickan, printed out of the University of New Brunswick, actually predates The Gazette by a year, but began printing in magazine format). The founding editors were J.J. Cameron (who went on to found the Queen's Journal), A.P.Seeton, and W.E. Roscoe.

The Gazette's weekly circulation is 10,000, making it Halifax's second-largest free publication (after the independent weekly The Coast). The Gazette is run, financed and published by the Dalhousie Gazette Publishing Society, a group of students made up from The Gazette's editors, contributors, and The Dalhousie Gazette Publishing Board. The society operates independently of the Dalhousie Student Union, though the paper does charge an annual student levy through the DSU (approx $5.00 per student each academic year) as a means of complementing its advertising income.

The Gazette's primary mandate is to scrutinize and report on the financial, social and administrative powers of the Dalhousie Student Union, its student societies, and the Dalhousie University administration. Within this mandate, the Gazette also covers events and news related to the Dalhousie community, student body, and alumni. In addition to its op-ed pages, The Gazette publishes a weekly, unsigned editorial that normally advances an argument regarding university or government policy. Since the early 1990s, the paper, along with the Dalhousie Student Union, has taken an active role in calling for changes in post-secondary education funding in Canada—an issue that is particularly relevant to Dalhousie students, who pay one of the highest tuition fees in Canada.

As one of Halifax's major independent publications, The Gazette's Dalhousie-centric mandate has often been expanded to include issues outside of the university community proper. Recent publication years of the Gazette gave seen a large emphasis on international events, local artists, and regional politics. Reflecting this independent disposition, The Gazette's layout has dispensed with front-page story copy, printing instead a full-cover graphic (usually a photograph) and large teasers with page numbers under the fold (similar to the layouts of some independent weekly newspapers or news magazines).

Along with their Dalhousie counterparts, University of King's College students have made significant contributions to the paper despite being outside of The Gazette's levy umbrella. Aside from providing the paper with many staff reporters and photographers, King's students and alumni have recently filled some of The Gazette's top editorial positions. The Editors in Chief for the 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 years were King's alumni, and significant portions of the newspaper's editorial staff over the years has come from King's.

A typical issue of The Gazettes in 2005/2006 was between 20–28 11x17 pages, with approximately 1,000–2,000 words appearing per page. As of 2006, The Gazette has 12 paid editors, an office manager, a business manager and a graphics artist on staff.

Notable alumni[edit]

Gazette editors-in-chief[edit]

  • 2013/14 Ian Froese
  • 2012/13 Katrina Pyne
  • 2011/12 Dylan Matthias
  • 2010/11 Joel Tichinoff
  • 2009/10 Josh Boyter
  • 2008/09 Julie Sobowale
  • 2007/08 John Packman
  • 2006/07 Rafal Andronowski
  • 2005/06 Christopher LaRoche
  • 2004/05 Quentin Casey
  • 2003/04 Malcolm Repo Kempt
  • 2002/03 Caitlin Kealey
  • 2001/02 Kip Keen
  • 2000/01 Kip Keen
  • 1999/00 Natalie MacLellan
  • 1998/99 Natalie MacLellan
  • 1997/98 John Cullen
  • 1996/97 Shelley Robinson (Managing Editor)
  • 1995/96 Jennifer Horsey (Managing Editor)
  • 1994/95 Judy Reid (Managing Editor)
  • 1993/94 Ryan Stanley
  • 1992/93 Jenn Beck/Miriam Korn
  • 1991/92 Shannon Gowans/Chris Lambie/Marie-France Leblanc/Jerry West
  • 1990/91 Allison Johnston/Alex Burton
  • 1988/89 Sandy MacKay
  • 1974/75 Peter Clarke
  • 1973/74 Margaret Bezanson/Ken MacDougall
  • 1926/27 Andrew Olding Hebb

(It was under the Bezanson/MacDougall editorship that The Gazette adopted the tabloid format with a front page graphic rather than a story or photograph. All of the front pages in 1973/74 were cartoons done by Ken Silver whose weekly creations reflected the major news event affecting Dalhousie that week.)

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