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Dali University is a provincial full-time comprehensive university approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is located in the famous tourist city ——Dali City, Yunnan, which was the capital of Nanzhao Country over 1,000 years ago. The University has two campuses, one is ancient city and the other is water lily. It covers an area of 2,500 mu or about 410 acres. And it covers ten academic disciplines, including education, management, economics, law, philosophy, literature, science, engineering, medicine, agriculture and art. The University has one college, sixteen schools, eight research institutes, forty-nine undergraduate degree programs, twenty-eight master's degree programs and more than seventeen thousand full-time students. The university is located in the foothills of the Cangshan mountains, overlooking Erhai Lake and the picturesque city of Dali. It is honored as"University in the landscape, the landscape of the University".

Dali University specializes in research and teaching. It employs 971 full-time teacher, 122 professors, 287 associate professors. It has completed many international research and protection projects, national and provincial level research projects. The two most important projects are "the Control and Management of Polluted Water Bodies" and "the Prevention and Control of the AIDS and Viral Hepatitis". As if 2013,the University has 71 China invention patents, published 115 Monographs and teaching materials and more than 2000 papers, which included 146 in SCI and EI.

Dali University is an international university that enjoys a high reputation in Southeast Asia and throughout South Asia.[1] As of 2013,there were more than 5000 international students graduated from Dali University. They were from 42 countries and regions, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA and South Korea.[2] Presently there are 759 full-time international students. The University has established many exchange and cooperation projects and academic research working with more than 40 foreign universities.[3] As of 2012, according to the Chinese Ministry of Education, Dali University ranked the most foreign bachelor's degree students in Yunnan Province. It was 34 out of 2490 in the country for foreigners getting a bachelor's degree.[4]


博学达真 大德至理 (Dade Dudgeon learned to reason)


Dali University covers an area of 2,500 mu (about 410 acres) located in China’s historical and cultural city ——Dali Ancient Town. It has two campuses, one is ancient city and the other is water lily. And the Ancient City Campus is located in the foothills of the Cangshan mountains, overlooking the Erhai Lake and the picturesque city of Dali.The Water Lily Campus is located in downtown.

Dali University's buildings are a blend of ancient and contemporary art. The University campus consists of large academic buildings, dormitory buildings, libraries, large parks like public spaces, athletics facilities, department stores, dining halls and the central administrative offices. The University provides shuttle bus service inside campus. Additionally, just outside the university main gate, students can access public transport to downtown or other stations.



National Level Research Projects 76
International Research&Protection Projects 7
Monographs and Teaching Materials 115
SCI & EI 146
Provincial Level Research Projects 109
China Invention Patents 71
Papers 2800

Academic organization[edit]


Dali College


School of Education
School of Agriculture and Biology Science
School of Chinese Language and Literature
School of Foreign Languages
School of Pre-clinical
School of Art
School of Nursing
School of Sports Science
School of Economics and Management
School of Public Health
School of Mathematics and Computer
School of Engineering
School of Marxism
School of Pharmacy and Chemistry
School of continuing education
School of Clinical Medicine

Research institutes[edit]

National Culture Research
Materia Medica Research
Erhai Lake Resource Protection Research
Tourism Culture Research
Eastern-Himalaya Biodiversity Research
Pathogens and Vectors Research
Economics Research
Astronomy and History of Science and Technology Research

Academic exchanges[edit]

  • Established partnership with Fauna & Flora International(FFI)
  • Established partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
  • Established partnership with Association of Zoos and Aquariums(AZA)
  • Sign a cooperation agreement with Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Kingdom of Thailand)
  • Mr Laurie, the famous psychiatrist,the professor of Edinburgh University held a lecture 2013.08
  • The academic symposium between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’universities and Chinese universities[5] 2013.03
  • Teachng master's degree courses with Deakin University(Australia)[6] 2012.12
  • The academic symposium of China's geophysical and applied mathematics[7] 2012.09
  • Sign a cooperation agreement with Namseoul University(South Korea) 2012.09
  • The academic symposium of the law between China and Japan[8] 2012.03
  • Sign a cooperation agreement with Sunraysia Institute of TAFE(Australia)[9] 2011.09
  • The meet of exchange between Korea Maritime University and Dali University 2010.12
  • The first international academic symposium of the Bai nationality language 2009.08
  • The academic symposium of the folklore cross-strait 2008.05
  • The symposium of minority traditional culture protection in Dali-Lijiang Railway District with the Asian development bank[10] 2008.03
  • The academic symposium of the Bai nationality folk song with Japan 2006.08

Libraries and collection[edit]

Dali University Libraries are networking, electronics and intelligence, and holding some 2.15 million volumes.

Dali University has one collection, saving a lot of ethnic medicine literature and many historical references of the local culture that are more than one thousand years old.

Benefit the World[edit]

New Medicine[edit]

Dali University’s research teams have consistently push the boundaries to develop more herbal medicine. The University has developed three medicines for the treatment of wounds, ulcers, colitis, tuberculosis cavity, cardiovascular disease and hepatitis b disease by extracting effective ingredients of Periplaneta Americana. Since production of these medicines, countless patients have been helped.

Resources & Environment[edit]

Dali University has established ten field stations to protect and do some research about biological and ecological. The University achieved a lot,especially the primate animal and cyatheaceae plant. The University’s protection and research of protecting one of the critically endangered species, the Eastern Black Crested Gibbon, has received attention from all over the world. Since 2010, the Dali University’s professor Fan Pengfei has been considered an expert and part of IUCN Species Survival Commission.

International Co-operation[edit]

The consul general and vice consul general of Australia consulate general in Chengdu visited Dali University[11] 2014.02

The delegation from Thailand's ministry of education visited Dali University[12] 2013.07

The Republic of Suriname ambassador visited Dali University[13] 2013.02

The vice president of faculty of education of Deakin University in Australia visited Dali University[14] 2012.09

The ambassador of Thailand's foreign office and diplomatic academy visited Dali University[15] 2012.09

The delegation of Burma’s association of culture and education visited Dali University[16] 2012.09

Nepal Medical Association delegation visited Dali University[17] 2011.10

The Mildura City (in Australia) delegation visited Dali University[18] 2011.09

Taiwan's Chienkuo Technology University delegation visited Dali University 2011.08

The South and South-east Asia press corps visited Dali University[19] 2011.06

The women's basketball team of St. Mary’s College of Maryland visited Dali University[20] 2011.05

The consul general of Pakistan consulate general in Chengdu visited Dali University[21] 2011.04

The economic counselor of consulate general of Pakista in Chengdu visited Dali University[22] 2011.03

The president of the school of culture art of Chiang Rai Rajabhat University visited Dali University 2010.10

The St. Barbara dance troup from America gave a performance in Dali University 2009.04

The Indian youth delegation visited Dali University 2007.06


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