Hohhot Black Horse

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Hohhot Black Horse
Full name Hohhot Black Horse Sport
Founded 2002; 15 years ago (2002)
Dissolved 2007; 10 years ago (2007)
Ground Hohhot People's Stadium,
Hohhot, China
Ground Capacity 30,000

Hohhot Black Horse (呼和浩特黑马) is a defunct Chinese football club based in Hohhot, China and were based at the Hohhot People's Stadium.

The club was formerly called Shanxi Luhu and was based in Taiyuan, Shanxi until it moved to Hohhot in 2007.

Playing as Tibet Xuequan and Tibet Huitong Luhua, the team played in the Yi League until 2005, when they purchased Dalian Changbo from the upper Jia League in 2006.

The newly merged team was moved to Taiyuan, Shanxi and renamed to Shanxi Luhu and took Dalian Changbo's place in the Second Division ever since.

Name history[edit]

  • 2002–03: Tibet Xuequan (西藏雪泉)
  • 2004–05: Tibet Huitong Luhua (西藏惠通陆华)
  • 2005–06: Merge with Dalian Changbo, moved to Shanxi and renamed to Shanxi Aosen Luhu (山西沃森路虎)
  • 2006–07: Shanxi Luhu (山西路虎)
  • 2007: Hohhot Black Horse (呼和浩特黑马)

Dalian Changbo

  • 2003: Dalian Sande (大连三德)
  • 2004–06: Dalian Changbo (大连长波)

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