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Dalian Hi-tech Zone Administration Bldg.

Dalian Hi-tech Zone (Chinese: 大连高新技术产业园区 or 大连高新区) or DHZ (variant officially used spellings include Dalian High-tech Zone) is an industrial district in the western suburbs of Dalian City in Liaoning Province, China. It extends about 30 kilometres along Lushun South Road and Guoshui Highway in Shahekou District and Lushunkou District, where many of the world's high technology companies and organizations have operations.


The construction of DHZ started in 1991. Dalian Software Park was added in 1998. The second phase of Dalian Software Park kicked off in 2003 at the site of Dalian Ascendas IT Park, which officially opened in 2007. DHZ is often called "Lushun South Road Software Industry Belt".[1]

IT parks in Dalian Hi-tech Zone[edit]

The whole area of Dalian Hi-tech Zone is under the oversight of the Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone Administrative Committee, but all parks therein are managed by private enterprises, except Dalian Hi-tech Zone and Animation Industry Base. From east to west, they are:[2]

Shahekou District

Along Lushun South Road:

Dalian Software Park[edit]

Dalian Software Park - A 2007 Model
Address: 1 Digital Square, Dalian, Liaoning, China (大连市数码广场1号)

Lingshui Bay General Headquarters[edit]

Now being reclaimed from the Yellow Sea

Qixianling Modern Service Industry Area[edit]

  • Name: Qixianling Modern Service Industry Nucleus Function Area (七贤岭现代服务业核心功能区) [4]
This area is often called "Dalian Hi-tech Zone" in its narrow sense.
  • Established: 1991
  • Managed by: Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone Administrative Committee
Address: 1 Gaoxin Street, Qixianling Industrial Base, Dalian, Liaoning, China (大连市高新技术产业园七贤岭产业化基地高新街1号)

Animation Industry Base[edit]

  • Managed by: Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone Digital Entertainment Administrative Office
  • 110 companies, including Crystal Digital Technology (水晶石数字科技).

Hekou International Software Park[edit]

  • Managed by Hekou Village
  • Companies: Yidatec

Dalian Ascendas IT Park[edit]

The Dalian Ascendas IT Park Model. Building No. 1 (right) and Building No. 2 (left) in the back are already open. Building No. 3 in front will be open soon.
  • Name: Dalian Ascendas IT Park (大连软件园腾飞园区) [5]
  • Established: 2007
  • Managed by DLSP Ascendas Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Ascendas Corp. of Singapore and Dalian Software Park Co., Ltd.
Address: 1 Huixianyuan, Dalian Hi-tech Zone, Dalian, Liaoning, China (大连市高新园区汇贤园1号)

Neusoft Group International Software Park[edit]

Lushunkou District

Dalian Tiandi Software Park[edit]

Dalian Tiandi Software Park
  • Name: Dalian Tiandi Software Park (大连天地软件园) [7]
  • Established: 2010
  • Area: Jinhuai Building (30,000 m²). See the area map in Project Introduction (Beware of music!).
  • Managed by DLSP Shui On Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Shui On Land and Dalian Software Park Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 33, Hongchuan East Rd., Dalian Hi-tech Zone, Dalian, Liaoning, China (大连市高新园区宏川东路33号)

Yingge Software Park[edit]

Under construction

Along GuoShui Highway (Guojia - Shuishiying Villages):

Longtou Technology Park[edit]

Under construction


City bus: Nos. 3, 10, 28, 531, 802 and other lines
Dalian-Lushun bus: From the north and south exits of Dalian Railway Station


There are universities and research centers in this area, where about half of all the universities of Dalian are located. From east to west are:

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Press
Dalian University of Technology Press


Shangri-La, Furama,[8] New World, Ramada, Nikko, Kempinski, Dalian Civil Aviation (Daiwa Royal) [9] and other hotels
  • Dalian World Financial Center at Xinghai Square
Grand Hyatt hotel
  • Dalian Hi-tech Zone
Heyi Hotel (和颐酒店)

Local environment[edit]


  • Many Chinese restaurants (including Maizi Dawang on Shuma Road)
  • Western restaurants (including West Coast coffee shop. There are also KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut fastfood restaurants.)
  • Japanese restaurants (including Momiji and Kappo Shimizu)
  • Korean restaurants (including Kaicheng and Shengdao)


  • Cafeterias in major buildings, run by local Dalianite, British and French catering companies


  • More expensive: Residencies at Shangri-La, Furama, Ramada, Nikko, Kempinski and other hotels
  • Less expensive: International New Village in Dalian Software Park, Guigu Jiari (Silicon Valley Holiday) on Lushun South Road, etc.



In Dalian City, there are:

Medical facilities[edit]

Recreational areas[edit]

Hi-tech parks in other areas of Dalian[edit]

There are other parks, often called the "hi-tech zones" of Dalian.

Ganjingzi District[edit]

Dalian BEST City (大连生态科技创新城) [10] is located along Lushun North Road.

Jinzhou District[edit]

New Jinzhou District including Dalian Development Area has DD Port and other hi-tech areas.[11]

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