Dalian North Railway Station

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China Railway High-speed
Dalian North Railway Station.JPG
External view of Dalian North Railway Station
Other names Dalian North
Location Dalian, Liaoning
Coordinates 39°00′55″N 121°36′10″E / 39.01528°N 121.60278°E / 39.01528; 121.60278Coordinates: 39°00′55″N 121°36′10″E / 39.01528°N 121.60278°E / 39.01528; 121.60278
Operated by China Railway High-speed,
Ministry of Railways of the PRC
Line(s) Beijing–Harbin,
Station concourse

Dalian North Railway Station is a railway station of the Harbin–Dalian section of the Beijing–Harbin High-Speed Railway. It is located in Dalian, in the Liaoning province of China. Construction of the station started on April 1, 2010[1] and the station opened to regular rail traffic in late 2012. On December 1, 2012,[2] the station started to receive high-speed rail traffic as part of the newly opened Harbin–Dalian High-Speed Railway.

The station cost 1.54 billion yuan to construct.[3] The main building contains 68,500 square metres (737,000 sq ft) of space. The is a 74,000 square metres (800,000 sq ft) weather shed. Ten platforms of some 63,000 square metres (680,000 sq ft) serve twenty rail lines and can accommodate a maximum of 7,500 passengers.[4] Passengers are transported around the station using 56 escalators, 26 elevators and two bridge approaches.[1]

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