Dalibor (name)

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Gender male
Word/name Slavic
Meaning dali ("far away") + bor ("fight")
Other names
Related names Sambor

Dalibor (Cyrillic script: Далибор) is primarily a male given name of Slavic origin, but also a surname specifically in Czech Republic. The name is popular in some Western Slavic and Southern Slavic countries, such as: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. It means: fighting far away and it is derived from Slavic elements daleko meaning "far away" and boriti meaning "to fight". The first part can be also derived from "oddalovat", meaning "to delay", hence it can be also interpreted as "someone, who delays/avoids fight".

There is a Bedřich Smetana's eponymous opera, based on Slavonic mythology.

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