Dalida singles discography

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Dalida singles discography
Singles 134
Promotional singles 2
Other appearances ???

The singles discography of recording artist Dalida consists of 134 official singles as well as two promotional singles and many other appearances.

Album singles[edit]

1956–1970 (Super 45 rpm)[edit]

(The titles are taken from the covers, if all the titles of the songs were on the cover, they are all the title here, if one of the title is bigger than the other, or somehow distinguished, he is the chosen one, like "Bambino" (bigger) or "T'aimer follement" (alone in a red heart). Also, some of the earlier records have "Volume XX" on them.)


1990–2003 (Maxi CDs)[edit]

Promotional singles[edit]

  • 2007 La 101 ème
  • 2010 Kalimba de luna (Balearic Mix)
  • 2012 Paroles Paroles (Sunshine Mix)

Other appearances[edit]

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  • Internet websites: Hit-Parade France, Hit Parade Italia, Infodisc, Dalida Official Website.

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